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How to turn on voice isolation on iPhone? know the all info here!

If you’re searching for a way to enhance the sound quality of your phone calls or video chats on your iPhone, voice isolation could be just what you need. This feature helps reduce background noise and isolates your voice, so that people on the other end of the call can hear you clearly.

Here’s how to enable voice isolation on your iPhone:

  • To enable Phone Noise Cancellation on an iPhone, open Settings Accessibility and scroll down & tap “Audio/Visual.”
  • Under that section you should see an option for “Phone Noise Cancellation.” Tap it.
  • Toggle on the switch for “Voice Isolation.”
  • Once enabled, you should notice an improvement in call quality–especially if you’re in a noisy environment. The feature works by analyzing audio input from your microphone and applying advanced algorithms to isolate your voice from background noise.

It is worth noting that while voice isolation can improve call quality, it may also slightly decrease its volume. If you’re having difficulty hearing someone on the other end of the line, consider disabling voice isolation and trying to adjust the volume instead.

Voice isolation not only enhances call quality, but it’s also beneficial for those who use their iPhones for voice commands or dictation. By isolating your voice and decreasing background noise, the iPhone’s voice recognition software will be better able to accurately transcribe your commands and messages.

Voice isolation on iPhone is a useful yet simple feature that can greatly improve the quality of your calls and commands. If you haven’t already, give it a try and see how it helps you communicate more effectively in noisy environments.


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