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How to Transfer Ringtones from Android to Android – everything you to need know

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to transfer ringtones between Android devices! If you’re trying to customize the ringtone of your Android device with songs, jingles or sound bites, personalizing its sound byte may not be straightforward. No worries though: with this comprehensive guide on transferring ringtones between devices with ease!

Step 1: Locate the Ringtones Folder

First step to transferring ringtones between Android devices is locating the ringtones folder, where all your ringtones reside – typically this can be found at the root directory of internal storage on a device.

Step Two: Transferring Ringtones to PC

After finding the ringtones folder, it will be necessary to transfer them onto your PC using either USB cables, Bluetooth connections, or Wi-Fi connections.

Step 3: Connect Your New Device to Your PC

Once your ringtones have been transferred from your phone to PC, it’s time to connect your new device using either USB, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi.

Step 4: Transferring Ringtones to Your New Device

Now that your new device is connected to your PC, it is easier than ever to transfer the ringtones onto it. Simply locate the “Ringtones” folder on your new device, copy and paste from PC into this new directory on device, and transfer them in one go!

Step 5: Customise Your New Ringtones

Final Step – Set New Ringtones Now! To do so, navigate to your device settings, navigate to “Sounds and Notifications,” and then “Phone ringtone.” Here, select your new ringtone that was recently uploaded onto your phone.


Finally, here’s your comprehensive guide on how to transfer ringtones between Android devices! By following these simple steps, you’ll easily be able to personalize your Android device’s ringtone easily. Remember to locate the ringtones folder, transfer the ringtones onto your PC, connect your new device with PC and then transfer ringtones again before setting your new ringtones – with these steps, transferring between Android devices will become a breeze!


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