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How to Split Photos into Grids for Instagram – All things you need to know

Are you bored of browsing Instagram and seeing pictures perfectly aligned in a grid format? If that is the case for you, look no further: in this guide we’ll demonstrate step-by-step how to organize photos into grids for Instagram.

Step 1: Choose Appropriate Photos

The initial step to creating a grid on Instagram is choosing appropriate photos. Identify those which complement each other well and have a cohesive theme so as to achieve an aesthetically pleasing layout.

Step 2: Crop Your Photos

Once you have chosen your images, it is time to crop them. In order to do this, a photo editing app such as Adobe Lightroom provides advanced features while still being user-friendly.

Lightroom’s Crop Overlay tool allows you to select the photo that needs cropping, then choose your grid layout; we suggest opting for 3×3 grid as it creates an eye-catching pattern.

Step 3: Adjust Photos

Once your photos have been cropped, it’s time to edit them with Lightroom’s editing tools to adjust brightness, contrast and saturation – creating a cohesive aesthetic throughout all of the pictures in your grid.

Step 4: Export Photos Once your photos

look just how you want, it is time to export them. Within Lightroom, simply select all the ones you wish to export before clicking on the Export button; from here you can select file type and quality preferences before exporting.

Step 5: Upload to Instagram

To complete this step, it is time to upload your images to Instagram and create a grid by uploading photos in their correct order; start from the top left photo and work your way across and down until reaching the last photo in order. Instagram will automatically align them and create an orderly grid.

And so it is done – an eye-catching grid for your Instagram profile created with ease by following these simple steps. By creating something truly outstanding that draws in more followers than before.


Building an Instagram grid is easy and enjoyable! Simply by following these simple steps, you can make an attractive grid that will stand out on your profile. Why not give it a try today? We hope this guide has been both educational and helpful for you.


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