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How to See TikTok Private Account Videos Without Following – Explore all details

If you’re an TikTok users, then you might have seen private accounts that you wish to look at, but don’t follow. You might be wondering how to view these videos, without having to follow the user. In this post, we’ll give you a step-by-step guide to see private videos on TikTok, without having to follow the user.

  1. Understand What Private Accounts Are

Private account on TikTok are like the private profiles on various social media sites. These are accounts that aren’t accessible to the public and only followers who have been approved are able to view the content. If a user has set their account as private, they decide who can view their videos as well as comments, likes, and follow-up requests.

  1. Try the “Follow and Unfollow” Method

The easiest method to access the private TikTok videos is to use the following and unfollowing method. These are steps you should follow

  • Follow the user who’s private video you wish to see.
  • Wait until the user has a chance to accept your follow-up.
  • After your follow request has been approved, look at your personal video.
  • After watching the video, you can de-follow the user in case you do not want to follow their posts.

It’s important to know that some users might not accept the follow request you make that’s why you won’t be able watch your private video. In addition, this approach may not work for people who have a lot of followers.

  1. Use a Private TikTok Video Viewer

Another method to access privately uploaded TikTok videos is using an secret TikTok video player. These are websites or applications which claim to permit you to see privately TikTok videos without having to follow the user’s instructions. Be cautious while using these viewers since they could be frauds or may contain malware.

  1. Request to Follow the User

If the above strategies don’t work, you may make an offer for the follower to be followed by the person. Here’s how:

  • Go to the profile of the user.
  • Select”Select” and then click the “Follow” button.
  • Wait for the user to confirm your follow-up.
  • After approval, you are able to access the private videos after approval.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that this procedure is a time-consuming process, since users might take a while to accept your request.


In the end there are a variety of ways to watch privately-owned TikTok videos, without having to follow the user for example, employing the unfollow and follow technique and the private TikTok movie viewer or asking followers to be followed by the user. It is essential to be careful when you use third-party websites or apps, because they could be scams or have malware. We hope this article can help you access privately-owned TikTok videos without having to follow the instructions of the user.


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