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How to See Group Invites on Facebook – All things you need to know

Facebook groups are an important tool for users with similar interests to communicate, collaborate, and share knowledge. It can be difficult to keep track of all the group invitations, especially if this is your first time using Facebook. This comprehensive guide will show you how to view group invitations on Facebook. You’ll never miss the chance to join a Facebook group that you are interested in.

Accessing Group Invitations on Desktop

Log into your Facebook account

You must be logged in to your Facebook account before you can access your group invitations. Enter your phone number or email address in the appropriate fields on the Facebook home page (www.facebook.com). To access your account, click the “Log in” button.

Find the groups icon

Look for the Groups Icon on the left side of your Facebook home page once you’re logged in. The icon looks like three silhouetted people. Click “See More” if you can’t find the icon.

Open your Group Invites

Click on the Groups icon to open the Groups Page. You will see an “Invitations tab” on the left of this page. This tab will show you a list of your group invitations that are pending.

Accept or decline invitations

On this page, you can review all the group invitations. Click on the “Accept”, next to the name of the group, to accept the invitation. Click “Decline”, if you don’t want to join a group.

Accessing Group Invitations on Mobile

Open the Facebook application on your smartphone

Install the Facebook app on your mobile device to access group invitations. Log in to the app using your phone number or email address if you are not already logged into Facebook.

Tap the Menu icon (3 horizontal lines), located in the lower right corner of your screen (for iOS) or top right corner for Android.

Find the groups section

The “Groups” icon is also the same as the one on the desktop version. Click on “Groups” in order to access the Groups page.

Open your Group Invites

You will find a tab called “Invitations”, at the top of the page. This tab will show you all the group invitations that are pending.

Accept or decline invitations

You can review and accept or decline group invitations, just like on the desktop version. To make your selection, tap on the “Accept or Delay” button next each group invitation.

H2: Manage Notifications For Group Invites

You can adjust your notification settings

You may need to change your Facebook notification settings in order to receive group invitation notifications. Click the downward-facing arrow in the upper right corner of the desktop version and choose “Settings & Privacy.” Click on “Settings”, then “Notifications”, on the left menu. Scroll down the menu to “Settings & Privacy” for mobile users. Then tap “Settings” and “Notification Settings.”

Modify group notifications

Find the “Groups section” in the Notification settings. To expand the settings, click or tap it. You can manage all your group notifications here, including invitations. To receive notifications regarding group invitations, make sure that the “Invitations for joining a group” setting is “On”. By clicking or tapping “Edit” beside each group name, you can adjust notification settings.

Troubleshooting Issues Common with Group Invitations

1. Invitations not being shown up

Try refreshing the page, or clearing the cache in your browser if you don’t see a group invitation that you were expecting. Ask the person who sent you the invitation to cancel it and re-send it.

It may be that Facebook’s servers are temporarily down. Try again later. Report the problem to Facebook Help Center if it persists.

Blocking you from joining groups

You may not be able to join groups despite accepting invitations. This could be due to Facebook policies or your account’s activity. Check Facebook’s Community Standards to ensure your account is compliant.


It is easy to see and manage group invitations on Facebook, regardless of whether you’re using a desktop computer or a mobile device. Follow the steps in this guide to discover and join groups you are interested in, and stay connected. Do not forget to change your notification settings so that you don’t miss any group invitations in the future.


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