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How to Screen Record on iPhone with Siri on iOS 16.5

Screen recording on iPhones is a useful feature that lets you capture what’s happening on the screen. With iOS 16.5, Apple made it even simpler to utilize this capability by adding Siri as an easy way to start a screen recording on your iPhone with this version of iOS. In this article, we’ll demonstrate how to screen record on an iPhone with Siri using iOS 16.5.

What is Screen Recording?

Screen recording is the process of taking video footage of what’s happening on your phone’s display. This can be useful for many reasons, such as creating tutorials or troubleshooting issues with the device.

How to Screen Record on iPhone with Siri on iOS 16.5

  • To get started with screen recording using Siri on iOS 16.5, simply follow these steps:
  • Wake up Siri by holding down the home button or saying, “Hey Siri.”
  • Say, “Start screen recording.”
  • Siri will confirm your request; tap “Start Recording” to begin recording your screen.
  • Once you start recording, a red bar will appear at the top of your screen to indicate that recording has begun. To stop it, tap that red bar and select “Stop.”

Why Use Siri to Start Screen Recording?

Utilizing Siri for screen recording can be more convenient than using the Control Center, since you can activate it hands-free without touching your phone. Furthermore, if your phone is in a case or stand, accessing the Control Center may be difficult due to obstructions.

Final Thoughts

Screen recording on iPhones has long been a useful feature, and with Siri integration in iOS 16.5, it has become even easier to use. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can start screen recording with Siri on your iPhone.


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