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How to Reset Bumble Swipes – All things you need to know

Have you ever found yourself accidentally swiping left when intending to right on Bumble only to realize later that you meant to swipe right? Don’t panic: Resetting your Bumble swipes is a quick and straightforward process.

Step One: Close Your Bumble Account

Start fresh by deleting your Bumble account. To do this, visit your profile settings and scroll to the bottom of the page – “Delete Account” will then appear for selection – click it, follow its prompts to confirm and you are all set!

Step 2: Wait 24 Hours

After you delete your account, it is necessary to wait 24 hours before creating another one in order to prevent users from misusing the system by continuously resetting their swipes and abusing its features. This waiting period serves to safeguard against abuse of the system by users constantly creating multiple accounts at the same time.

Step 3: Register A New Bumble Account

Once the 24-hour waiting period has expired, you can create a new Bumble account. When creating this new profile, make sure that during setup you use a different email address and phone number than was used with your prior account.

Step 4: Swipe Away!

Now that you have created a fresh Bumble account, it is time to get swiping! Take your time when evaluating potential matches before selecting either left or right swipes.

Additional Considerations

Resetting your Bumble swipes may be helpful, but keep in mind that using it too aggressively could negatively impact its algorithm. Bumble uses an intricate system to select profiles for display to each user based on specific criteria; so it is wise to use the app moderately.

Keep in mind that resetting your swipes will delete all previous matches and conversations; any connections you had may need to start again from scratch.


Resetting your Bumble swipes is a quick and straightforward way to give the app another go, giving you a fresh start on it. By following the steps outlined here, quickly resetting your account can become second nature; just remember to use it responsibly so as not to negatively affect its algorithm.

We hope this article has been beneficial to you, if any questions or feedback arise please reach out and contact us – thank you for reading!


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