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How to Reopen Closed Cash App Account – Explore all details

This article outlines the steps for reopening your Cash App account. While this process can be cumbersome and time consuming, we are here to guide you through it and get this process underway! Let’s begin!

Step One: Recognize why Your Account Has Been Closed

Before trying to reopen your Cash App account, it is vitally important that you understand why it was closed in the first place. There can be various causes of closure including:

Cash App’s Terms of Service

Suspicious Activity on Your Account Multiple Failed Login Attempts Invalid or incomplete Data on Your Account If you are confused as to why your account was closed, we suggest reaching out to their customer support team for additional support.

Step Two: Get in touch with Cash App’s customer support for assistance.

In order to reopen your Cash App account, please reach out to their customer support team. Simply follow these steps:

Launch the Cash App on your mobile device and tap on your profile icon located in the top-left corner. Scroll down and select Support or Something Else (such as something being unavailable or inaccessible to an account), as appropriate, before selecting Can’t Access Account from the options provided.

Contact Support

Once selected, you will be asked to provide as much detail as possible about the issue you are encountering so as to expedite resolution. After submitting your request, one of Cash App’s customer support teams will get in touch with you with instructions on how to reopen your account.

Step 3: Confirm Your Identity

Cash App’s platform security requires it for fraud protection purposes. As part of this verification process, they may ask for documents like your driver’s license or passport plus an identity selfie verification to quickly reopen your account. We suggest having these documents ready in order to speed up this process.

Step 4: Wait for Cash App to reopen your account

Once your request and identity have been submitted, Cash App will review your account and reopen it accordingly. This process could take anywhere between 24 hours and 6 months depending on why your account was closed and how many support requests are currently coming their way.

Once your account has been reopened, we recommend reviewing its settings and updating any outdated or inaccurate data to help prevent further account closures.


Reopening a closed Cash App account can be a complex and time-consuming process, but by following these steps and reaching out to their customer support team you can regain access quickly and safely. If any further assistance is required we suggest reaching out directly.


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