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can you make windows 10 look like windows 95? – get complete details

This guide is for those who love the classic Windows 95 user interface. You can bring back the simplicity of mid-90s Windows 10 with a few tweaks and steps. This guide will show you how to modify your Windows 10 layout so that it looks like Windows 95.

Getting Started

System Back-Up

It’s a good idea, before making any major changes to your operating systems, to make a backup of your system. This will protect your data if something unexpected occurs during the process.

Create System Restore Point

It is also recommended to create a system restoration point. You can restore your computer’s previous state in case you are not satisfied with the changes made or have any problems.

Customizing Your Windows 10 Interface

Let’s get to the fun part now: make your Windows 10 interface appear like Windows 95.

Colors can be adjusted

To begin, adjust the colors so that they mimic the gray and teal color scheme in Windows 95. Click on your desktop, then select “Personalize”. Click “Colors” and then click “Save”. Select custom colors to match Windows 95’s aesthetic.

Customize the Start Menu and Taskbar

We’ll then adjust the Start menu and Taskbar. Download a third-party program such as Classic Shell, Open Shell, or Open Shell to make these elements look more like Windows 95. These tools let you change the appearance of the Start Menu, Taskbar and other Windows elements to look more like older versions.

After installing the tool, you will be able to customize the Start menu so that it looks like Windows 95. Select the “Classic style with two columns”. You can also change the taskbar settings so that the icons are displayed in the old style.

Use the Classic Icons

Windows 95 used icons that were very different from the ones in Windows 10. There are online icon packs that mimic the Windows 95 style. Download the Windows 95 icon packs and replace all your icons.

Windows 95 theme

You might consider installing a Windows 95 Theme for Windows 10 to get a more immersive Windows 95 Experience. These themes will give your entire interface a Windows 95 feel, from window frames to menus and buttons.

Final touches

Consider changing your wallpaper into a classic Windows 95 picture to complete your Windows 95 conversion. You can change the system sounds so that they match Windows 95. Sound packs online allow you to download and install the classic “ta-da” sound for startup or unique chimes that accompany error messages.


You can easily give Windows 10 the look and feel of Windows 95 with a few tweaks and third-party software. This transformation will take you back to computing in the 90s, whether you’re nostalgic or just prefer the simple, minimalist design. While these tweaks may change the look of Windows 10, the performance and modern features you rely on will not be affected.

This guide will help you to enjoy the aesthetics and technology of the past, while also utilizing the latest technologies. Enjoy the nostalgia and have fun customizing your phone!


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