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How to Keep Your Android Smartphone Safe from Hackers – everything you to need know

Mobile phones have become an essential component of daily life, serving many purposes including communication, banking and browsing the internet. Unfortunately, as technology progresses so do hackers’ abilities to gain entry to our personal data. In this article we’ll look at ways you can protect your Android smartphone against hackers.

Use a Secure Password

One of the best ways to protect against hackers is through creating and using secure passwords. Most people tend to opt for easy-to-remember passwords like their birthdate or pet’s name as security measures; however, such passwords are easy for hackers to crack. Instead, try creating complex passwords made up of letters, numbers and symbols instead.

Update your Operating System Software Today.

Updating your Android’s operating system is essential in protecting it against hackers. OS updates contain patches for vulnerabilities hackers could exploit; therefore it’s imperative that updates be installed as soon as they become available.

Install Antivirus Software

Installing anti-virus software on your Android smartphone is another effective way of safeguarding it against hackers. Anti-virus programs help detect and delete any malicious programs that could compromise its security; there are multiple choices on the market; you should select one that meets your individual needs.

Public Wi-Fi networks can be dangerously insecure, and using them puts your smartphone at risk of being compromised by hackers. With hackers easily being able to intercept data transmitted over public Wi-Fi networks such as login credentials and personal details transmitted over them, it would be wise for smartphone users to avoid public Wi-Fi networks altogether when possible.

Employ Two-Factor Authentication for Better Security

Two-factor authentication adds another level of protection to your Android smartphone. It requires two forms of identification before accessing it – such as providing both password and fingerprint scan authentications to access it – which makes it harder for hackers to gain entry.

Encrypt Your Data

Encrypting your data is an additional method for protecting your Android smartphone from hackers. Encryption converts it to an indecipherable code that only authorized parties can decipher, making the data indecipherable if your phone falls into the wrong hands and your data useless to cyber criminals.


Protecting your Android smartphone from hackers requires taking various preventive steps. You should use a strong password, update the operating system, install anti-virus software, avoid public Wi-Fi networks, use two-factor authentication and encrypt data – this way minimizing risk and protecting personal information.


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