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How to Fix FaceTime Not Showing Video – All things you need to know

Facetime is an enormously popular video chatting app used by millions around the world, but users often run into problems when Facetime doesn’t display video properly. If this sounds familiar to you, don’t fret: we have you covered and in this guide we provide various solutions to fix this issue.

Confirm Your Internet Connection

To start off, ensure your internet is stable – poor internet connectivity may lead to video streaming problems. Use any online speed test tool available to check your connection speed; if it seems slow, reset your router/modem. Moreover, be sure that Wi-Fi signal strength is strong and you aren’t too far from it.

Check Facetime Settings

Once your internet connection is stable, the next step should be to examine your Facetime settings. An incorrect configuration could be at fault; follow these steps to inspect them:

Launch Facetime on your device. Navigating to Preferences, check “Enable this account”, and ensure the appropriate camera is selected.

Update Your Device

One common cause for Facetime not showing video is outdated software. Check if there is an update for your device available, install and restart to complete the update if available, before testing further.

Restart Facetime App

If none of the previous solutions worked, try restarting Facetime by closing and reopening it. Check to make sure that your camera is functioning as it should be as well.

Contact Apple Support

If none of the solutions above have worked, Apple Support may provide additional steps to fix the issue. They have access to more sophisticated troubleshooting strategies than just searching online forums and manuals for fixes.


Facetime not showing video is an annoying issue that’s all too familiar, but by following the solutions presented above you can fix the issue and enjoy uninterrupted video chatting. We hope this guide has been helpful; should any further enquiries or suggestions arise please reach out – our staff would love to hear from you.


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