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How to Enable Steam Family Sharing – All things you need to know

Afterpay, a popular service for “buy now and pay later”, allows consumers to buy products over time. There are many reasons you may want to delete your Afterpay Account. This guide will show you how to delete your Afterpay account, whether it is because you want to stop impulse purchases, better manage your finances, or you simply no longer use this service.

Please take note that You must settle any outstanding payment before you attempt to delete your account. You will not be allowed to delete your account if you still have pending payments.H2: Steps for Preparation

Settling Outstanding Payments

Make sure that there are no Afterpay payments outstanding before you begin the deletion process. Navigate to the Payments tab by logging into your account. Pay any outstanding payments.

Retrieving necessary information

Be sure to have all the information you need. You will need your login credentials (email associated with your Afterpay Account and your password), as well as any other information that you may require to verify your identity.

Start the account deletion process

Users cannot delete their account directly through the Afterpay app or website. You’ll need Afterpay’s Customer Service team to delete your account.

Contacting Customer Services

Afterpay customer service can be reached in the following ways.

  1. Email: To request account deletion, you can send an email to afterpay.com. Include all necessary information, including your full name, your email address, and an explanation of why you want to delete your account.
  2. Call Afterpay Customer Service to place your order. The representative will walk you through the entire process.

For security purposes, the customer service department may require you to confirm your identity before deleting an account.

Follow-up on Your Request

Await Confirmation

After you submit your request, Afterpay may need a few days to process it. Your request should be confirmed by email.

Confirm deletion

After the processing period you should receive a second email from Afterpay to confirm the deletion of your Afterpay account. This can be verified by trying to log in using your credentials. You will be unable to access your account if the deletion has been successful.


Afterpay accounts can be deleted easily by settling all outstanding payments, contacting the customer service and following up with your request. This is a crucial step to take if you want to manage your finances better or reduce your spending. It’s important to remember that you should use these services responsibly and that they will increase your purchasing power, without causing you financial stress.


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