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How to Create Channel in Teams – Step-by-Step Guide

Remote work has become more prevalent than ever in our digital world, with many companies and organizations adopting online communication and collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams to enhance remote collaboration. Channels are one of the key features of Teams; this feature allows you to organize conversations, files, meetings for certain projects or teams into separate sections or channels. In this article we’ll walk through how you can create channels in Teams.

Step 1: Launch Microsoft Teams

In order to create a channel in Teams, it’s necessary to first open its application. Either download it directly from Microsoft’s official website or use its web version.

Step 2: Choose Your Team

Once you’ve launched the Teams app, select the team where you wish to create a new channel. If you aren’t yet part of that group, they should invite you in order for this step to happen successfully.

Step 3: Click on the…” Button

Once you select your team, a list of existing channels will appear. To expand this view and access more channels within that team name, click on the…” button located alongside its name.

Step 4: To add channels, from the drop-down menu select “Add Channel.”

Step 5: Give Your Channel an Appropriate Title

Give your new channel an easy-to-understand name that reflects its purpose – for instance if creating it for marketing projects then “Marketing Campaign” would be appropriate.

Step 6: Add a Description

You can provide more context for your team members by adding an explanation about your channel, especially if there are multiple ones for different projects. This step may prove especially useful.

Step 7: Choose Your Privacy Setting

To set privacy on your channel, there are three available settings. These are:

Step 8: Click “Create”

Once you’ve named, described, and chosen a privacy setting for your channel, simply click “Create.”

Step 9: Get Collaboration Going

Congratulations on creating a channel in Teams! Now is the time to collaborate with your teammates by sharing files or starting video calls – or just chatting among themselves.


Microsoft Teams makes creating channels an effortless process that can help your team collaborate more efficiently. Simply follow these steps to create one within minutes – newcomers to Teams should explore its various features so as to increase productivity even further!


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