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How to connect Bluetooth headphones to a PC – Explore all details!

Step 1: Verify Your PC’s Bluetooth Capabilities

Before connecting Bluetooth headphones to your PC, you must ensure that it has Bluetooth capabilities. To do this, take these steps:

To begin, launch your browser and go to Settings. Under Devices, locate Bluetooth & other devices and make sure the toggle switch under Bluetooth is set to on. If not, turn it on now!
If your PC does not already have Bluetooth capabilities, a Bluetooth adapter can be purchased to add this capability. Just make sure the adapter is compatible with the operating system of your computer.

Step 2: Put Your Bluetooth Headphones in Pairing Mode

To complete pairing your Bluetooth headphones with your PC, it is necessary to put them into pairing mode. The exact steps may differ depending on the brand and model of your headphones; consult the user manual for specific instructions.

Generally, to put your headphones in pairing mode, press and hold the power button until the LED light begins flashing. Some headphones may have a dedicated pairing button that needs to be pressed instead.

Step 3: Pair Your Headphones With Your PC

Now that your headphones are in pairing mode, it’s time to pair them with your computer. To do so, follow these steps:

To add Bluetooth or other devices to your system, begin at the Start menu and navigate to Settings. On this page, click Devices then Bluetooth & other Devices, followed by “Add Bluetooth or other device.” Finally, click Bluetooth in the list for quick access.
Select your headphones from the list of available devices and click ‘Pair.’ Then follow any additional instructions that appear on-screen.
Once paired with your PC, you should be able to hear audio through them.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Are your Bluetooth headphones not connecting to your PC? Try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Make sure your headphones are fully charged.
  • Move them closer to your PC and turn off any Bluetooth devices nearby.
  • Restart both devices – PC and headphones.
  • Unpair your headphones from your PC and try pairing them again.
  • If none of these tips work, consult the user manual for your headphones or contact the manufacturer for support.


Connecting Bluetooth headphones to a PC can be an effortless process if you take the right steps. By setting your headphones in pairing mode and pairing them with your computer, you’ll enjoy high-quality audio without the hassle of cords or wires. If any issues arise, try troubleshooting common issues or consult the user manual for your headphones; with these tips in hand, connecting your Bluetooth headphones will be a breeze in no time!


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