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How to Change Battery Color on iPhone: Step-by-Step Guide

At some point, you may desire to alter the battery color on your iPhone. While there are no official methods for doing this, there are some simple tricks you can use for achieving desired results. In this article, we’ll show you how to achieve that desired look with minimal effort and effort.

First and foremost, it’s essential to note that changing the battery color on your iPhone is not a simple task. It requires several steps that require technical know-how; however, with our comprehensive guide you will be able to achieve the desired effect in no time!

Step 1: Disconnect the iPhone Battery

To change the battery color on your iPhone, first you’ll need to turn off your device and then use a screwdriver to unscrew two screws located at the bottom. Gently lift up the screen to reveal the battery compartment.

Step 2: Clean the Battery

Now that you have taken out the battery, it is time to clean it thoroughly. Use a soft cloth or microfiber towel with gentle pressure on all areas of the battery where dust or debris may have built up. Make sure all dust and particles are removed from its surface.

Step 3: Apply Paint

Once you’ve cleaned your battery, it’s time to apply paint. Any type of paint suitable for metal surfaces can be used – apply with either a brush or spray can depending on preference. Ensure an even coat of paint covers the battery.

Step 4: Allow the Paint to Dry

Once applied, let your paint sit for at least 24 hours to fully cure and ensure it won’t peel away easily.

Step 5: Reassemble Your iPhone

Once the paint has dried, it’s time to reassemble your iPhone. Begin by gently inserting the battery back into the phone. Next, carefully put back the screen into place by aligning it properly. Lastly, screw in two screws at the bottom for extra security.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully changed the battery color on your iPhone.


Altering the battery color on your iPhone is a fun and straightforward process that only takes a few steps. While it may not be an official feature of the iPhone, it’s an excellent way to personalize it and make it stand out from competitors. We hope our comprehensive guide has enabled you to achieve this desired effect, giving your phone an individual look that stands out from others.


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