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How to Change Address on Instagram Business Account – get complete details

Instagram is a powerful business tool that allows you to share pictures and videos. Businesses can create professional accounts where they can include vital contact details like an address. Instagram Business Accounts need to be updated when business needs or locations change. This is a guide that shows you how to update your Instagram Business Account’s address.

Understanding Instagram Business Accounts

H2: What exactly is an Instagram Business Account (or Business Account)?

Instagram Business Accounts give you access to tools that help promote your business and understand your audience. You can also sell products straight from the app. You can add your business address to the account, which is helpful for businesses who want to reach local customers.

H2: Why keep your business address updated?

It is important to keep your business address up-to-date for several reasons. It helps your customers find your store or office. Instagram can then provide analytics and insights specific to your location. A current address shows professionalism and reliability for your followers.

H1: How to change your business address on Instagram

H2: Prerequisites

You must meet certain criteria before you can change your address.

  1. Access To make changes, you must have administrative rights and access to your business account.
  2. Updated address: The correct information is required. Make sure that the new address follows Instagram’s guidelines.
  3. Account Business: You account must be a creator or business account. Personal accounts don’t have the option to add an address for a business.

How to change your address using H2: A Step-by-Step Guide

Open Instagram App Launch the Instagram app. Enter your username and your password if you are not already logged into your account.

Step 2. Access Your Profile Click on the profile icon in the lower right corner of the screen to access your profile.

Edit Profile Click on “Edit Profile” below the bio of your account and your followers’ information.

Business Information You will find a tab “Public Business Information” in the section Edit Profile. Click on it.

Change address Click on “Address” under the Public Business Information section. You can edit your business address here. Enter your new address into the appropriate fields.

Save Changes Once you have made all the changes necessary, tap “Done” (or “Save”) in the upper left corner of the screen to update and save your new address.

Important Points

Privacy concerns with H2

Instagram displays your business address to the public. If you run your business from home or a private location, it may be worth reconsidering adding an exact address. Consider using just the city or area.

Accuracy Is Key

Verify that the address is correct and written correctly. Your customers may be directed to the wrong business or location if you make an error.

Instantaneous changes

Instagram updates the information about your business instantly. Instagram may review changes to the business information to ensure security or verify it. This can cause a slight delay.


It’s easy to update your business details on Instagram. This ensures that your customers and followers always have accurate information. You can maintain your transparency by updating your business information. This will also enhance the reputation of your business. Use these features to get the most out of your Instagram Business Account.


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