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How to Bypass the LinkedIn Connection Limit – read all facts here!

LinkedIn is an invaluable platform to network with professionals in your industry, expand your network and expand your business. However, LinkedIn has a daily limit on the number of connection requests you can send per day which may prove frustrating for those wishing to expand their network rapidly. In this article we’ll look at ways you can bypass this LinkedIn connection limit and expand your network faster.

What is the LinkedIn Connection Limit?

LinkedIn allows users to send up to 100 connection requests per day. If you try to exceed this limit, LinkedIn may flag your account for suspicious activity and may impose account restrictions or even suspension. The connection limit exists to prevent spammers from abusing the platform and ensure users make meaningful connections.

Why Bypass the LinkedIn Connection Limit?

Are you using LinkedIn to expand your network, you may find that reaching a certain connection limit can slow down progress. Sending out each request individually takes time and may not reach as many people as desired. By bypassing the connection limit, however, you can connect with more people and expand your network more rapidly.

How to Exceed LinkedIn Connection Limit

  1. Utilize a LinkedIn Automation Tool
    One way to circumvent the LinkedIn connection limit is by using an automation tool. These programs automate connection requests, making it simpler to send more requests in less time. However, be sure to select an established automation service which won’t violate LinkedIn’s terms of service.
  2. Personalize Your Connection Requests
    A great way to bypass the connection limit is to personalize your requests. LinkedIn allows you to send a personalized message along with each connection request, increasing the likelihood that it will be accepted. By taking time to customize your message, you can increase its success rate considerably.
  3. Connect With People You Already Know
    One way to circumvent the connection limit is by connecting with people you already know. LinkedIn allows for easy import of contacts from email or other social media accounts, so this way, you don’t need to send out a flood of connection requests in order to rapidly expand your network.


Although LinkedIn connection limits can be frustrating, there are ways to circumvent them. Utilizing an automation tool, customizing connection requests or connecting with people you already know allows for quicker network growth than using traditional tactics alone. However, remember to use these tactics responsibly and not abuse the platform. By adhering to these tips, you’ll be able to successfully bypass the LinkedIn connection limit while building a robust professional network.


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