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How Much Does it Cost to Build a PC – All things you need to know

Building PCs has become an increasingly popular hobby among tech enthusiasts and gamers alike, but before embarking on your build it’s essential that you understand its costs. We will cover which components you will require as well as an approximate cost breakdown of each of them in this guide.

CPU (central processing unit)

Your computer’s central processing unit, or CPU, serves as its brain. It processes all instructions received and can cost anywhere between $200-500 depending on brand and model; high-end units may cost over $1,000!

GPU, or graphics processing unit,

Is responsible for rendering images and videos on your computer screen. When building a gaming PC, its GPU is one of the key components. As with CPUs, prices for GPUs vary depending on brand, model, performance level – higher end GPUs may cost as much as $1,000 while mid range models can often be found for under $300.


(random access memory) is the temporary storage space that your computer uses to process data. The more RAM you have, the quicker your tasks will be completed; costs for RAM may vary based on amount and speed; typically 16GB can be purchased for around $100.


There are two primary forms of storage devices: hard disk drives (HDD) and solid-state drives (SSD). HDDs tend to be cheaper while SSDs can cost significantly more; you should aim for at least two storage devices – one to house your OS/applications, the other files/media. A 1TB HDD can cost as little as $50 while 1TB SSDs can range up to $100 or even higher.


Your motherboard serves as the main circuit board in your computer, connecting all its components together and enabling them to communicate. Prices of motherboards can range depending on brand, model and features – an affordable mid-range motherboard can typically be found for around $150.

Power Supply (PSU)

Your computer requires a power supply unit (PSU) for stable and efficient power delivery, so selecting a high-quality PSU is of utmost importance to ensure reliable operations. Prices vary based on brand, model and wattage – for instance 650W units typically start around $80.


A case is the protective shell that houses all of your components together, and it is vital that it fits both your components and provides sufficient airflow for cooling. Case costs depend on brand, model and features – with mid-range cases starting around $100.

Once you have all of the components in hand, it will be time to assemble them. If you don’t feel comfortable assembling on your own, you could hire a professional. Assembly costs depend on where your build takes place as well as its complexity; on average you should expect to spend about $100 for assembly services.


To sum it all up, the cost of building a PC varies widely based on which components you select and desired level of performance, but with careful planning and research you can build an affordable high-performance machine for around $1,000. By following this guide you’ll make informed decisions and receive maximum value for your dollar!


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