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how do i turn off emoji suggestions on android? – everything you to need know

Our digital platforms have evolved to accommodate the growing popularity of emoticons. Emoji suggestions are a good example. These suggestions are not always useful or wanted. This article provides a guide that explains how to disable emoji suggestions for your Android device.

Android Emoji Suggestions Explained

Emoji suggestions can be found in Android’s predictive text. The system will provide suggestions based on what it predicts you’ll type next. Android’s keyboard will suggest emojis that are relevant to the text you have typed. This feature may be distracting if you prefer to type words over emojis.

How to turn off Emoji suggestions

The keyboard and Android device you use will determine how to turn off emoji suggestions. We’ll show you how to do it using Google Gboard, the default keyboard for many Android devices.

Gboard settings can be accessed

  1. Open an app that allows you to use your keyboard.
  2. Open your keyboard by tapping on the text box.
  3. You’ll see a toolbar at the top of your keyboard. To expand the toolbar, tap on the icon with three dots.
  4. Tap on the gear icon. You will be taken to the Gboard Settings. If you do not see the gear icon on your device, open its settings and find ‘System’, followed by Languages&Input’, and then Virtual keyboard. You should see the ‘Gboard’. You can tap on the icon to access settings.

Disabling Emoji Suggestions

  1. Tap on Text Correction in Gboard’s settings.
  2. Scroll down and you’ll find the “Emoji suggestions” slider.
  3. If the circle is colored and the slider is on the right, then emoji suggestions have been enabled. Tap on the slider to disable them. The circle should be hollow and move to the right. This means that the emoji suggestions have been disabled.

Note H2 on Other Keyboards

You may need to adjust the steps if you are using a different type of keyboard. Most keyboards have a similar layout in the settings. You can disable emojis by looking for options such as ‘Text Correction,’ Predictive Text,’ or Emoji Suggestions.

While emojis add context and emotion to digital communications, they aren’t always required. It is possible to turn off emoji suggestions in order to maintain a professional tone, reduce distractions or cater for personal preferences.


We can maintain a digital world that is in line with our needs and preferences by controlling the functionality of our devices. This guide will show you how to turn off emoji suggestions for Android devices, allowing you to customize the keyboard. You can choose whether you want to use emojis, or stick with traditional text. Understanding how to navigate your device and its settings will allow you to customize your technology.


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