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Microsoft Works was a discontinued Microsoft office suite. Over the years, many people have created numerous files with this software. How can you open these files on Windows 10 now that Microsoft Works is no longer being developed? This article explores different ways to open Microsoft Works documents in Windows 10.

Understanding Microsoft Works Files

Microsoft Works is a simpler and more affordable alternative to Microsoft Office. The Works Word Processor was its most prominent feature, followed by the Works Spreadsheet and Works Database. Microsoft Works creates the most popular file types, including.wps files (Works Word Processor),.xlr files (Works Spreadsheet), and.wdb files (Works Database).

WPS files

Microsoft Works files are similar to Microsoft Word.doc files. These files were created by the Works Word Processor and contain text, images, formatting, and more.

XLR files

These are spreadsheets created by Works Spreadsheet. These files are similar to Excel’s.xls format and contain formulas, charts and other spreadsheet data.

WDB files

They are generated by Works Database. These files can contain a variety of data such as forms, tables and reports.

Open Microsoft Works files in Windows 10

Let’s now look at how to open these Microsoft Works documents on your Windows 10 computer.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office Word and Excel are the easiest ways to open Works files.

  1. Word Processor Files (.wps). Open Microsoft Word and select “File”, then “Open.” Navigate to the.wps you want to open, click on it, and then “Open.” Most.wps documents should open correctly in Word.
  2. Spreadsheet Files (.xlr). Navigate to the file in Excel, and then click “Open.” Excel may have problems opening.xlr file due to compatibility issues.

Converting files

You can convert the Works files into a format that is compatible with Microsoft Office if it cannot open them.

  1. Converting Works Files Online: There is a wide range of online conversion services, such as Zamzar, Convertio and CloudConvert, that convert Works files to.docx or.xlsx.
  2. LibreOffice – LibreOffice, a free and open-source alternative for Microsoft Office which can open.wps or.xlr documents. You can then save the files in a compatible format after opening them.

Third-Party Software

There are several third-party applications that will open these files if the methods above don’t work. These include ABC Amber Text Convertor for.wps and Bytescout XLS viewer for.xlr. To avoid security risks, only download these tools from trusted sources.


Microsoft Works may be a distant memory, but its files still exist on old hard drives. These files can be retrieved with Microsoft Office and online conversion tools. These methods will allow you to open Microsoft Works files on Windows 10. To avoid data loss, always make a backup of your data before you attempt any conversions or use any third-party programs.


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