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how do i get rid of office 365 pop up on windows 10? – everything you to need know

Office 365 notifications can distract you from your work. Microsoft’s Office 365 suite of productivity software is a vital tool for many. It can, however, interrupt your work flow with alerts and pop-ups. This article will show you how to remove these Office 365 Pop-ups from Windows 10.

Understanding the Office 365 Pop Up

What is the Office 365 pop-up?

It’s important to first understand the nature and purpose of the popups that you receive. Office 365 popups are usually displayed when Microsoft sends out new alerts, messages, or updates. They could be alerts about new features or subscription renewals.

Disable Office 365 pop-ups in Windows 10

Let’s look at the solutions now that we have identified the source of these popups.

Disable notifications in Office 365

You can disable pop-ups by adjusting the Office 365 notification settings.

  1. Open the Office 365 app that is causing the popups.
  2. Click on “File” > “Options”.
  3. Navigate to the Message tab in the Options> window.
  4. Uncheck the box ‘Display Desktop Alert’ under ‘Message Arrival’.
  5. Click “OK” to save the changes.

Follow these steps to disable desktop notifications of new emails or other alerts in Office 365.

Windows 10: H3: Change System Settings

You can also disable the pop-ups by changing the Windows 10 system-wide notifications settings.

  1. Click the ‘Start button’ and then select ‘Settings.
  2. Click on System in the Settings menu.
  3. Click on the ‘Notifications and Actions’ tab in the System Settings window.
  4. You can disable the notification of apps by clicking this option.

This will stop Office 365 and all other applications from displaying any notifications.

Update or Reinstall Office365

If you continue to see pop-ups, this could be a sign that there is a problem with your Office 365 setup. Consider updating or reinstalling Office 365 in this situation.

  1. Go to ‘File > Account’ in any Office 365 program.
  2. Click ‘Update options’ > Update now’ under ‘Product information’.
  3. If the update doesn’t work, uninstall Office 365 via ‘Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features. Reinstall Office 365 by visiting the Microsoft website.


Office 365 pop-up notifications can be distracting and annoying. Follow these steps to manage pop-ups and keep your Windows 10 computer free of interruptions. You may miss important messages or updates if you turn off all notifications. Adjust the settings to suit your needs.


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