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can you open multiple windows in microsoft teams? – Explore all details

Microsoft Teams is a collaborative platform that facilitates communication and collaboration in teams. It has become a vital tool for today’s remote and hybrid working environments. Microsoft Teams has become more popular and used by users, who have asked if it is possible to open several windows. This article will provide a comprehensive response to this question. It will also explore the various ways that you can increase your productivity using Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Multi-Window feature

Multi-Window functionality explained

Microsoft launched the multi-window functionality to improve the user experience in the Teams environment. The goal was to facilitate collaboration and multitasking. Before this feature, users were limited to a single window. This made switching between meetings, chats and other team interactions difficult. This was changed by the multi-window function, which allowed users to separate chats, meetings and calls from documents.

This feature is useful, especially if you need to refer to a document or chat while in a meeting. Instead of switching between windows, you can pop out the item that needs to be worked on, then return to your meeting.

Multi-Window Features

You can use this feature by hovering over the item that you wish to pop out. This could be a meeting, chat or document. A pop-out option will appear. By clicking this, the item will be opened in a new window. You can also double-click the chat or meeting from your chat list in order to open it into a new tab.

Once the call or meeting is underway, click the ‘…’ top menu and choose ‘Pop Out Meeting’. The ongoing call or meeting will be opened in a separate window.

Limitations & Workarounds

Multi-Window Limitations

The multi-window feature in Teams has its limitations, but it is a great improvement. You can’t have the same meeting or chat open in multiple windows. Some users also reported problems using the feature with certain operating systems.

Multiple accounts simultaneously

This limitation can be overcome by using multiple Microsoft Teams accounts simultaneously. Users can choose to switch accounts in the same Teams window or open an incognito web browser window. This allows multiple Teams windows, but under different accounts, to be opened simultaneously.


Microsoft Teams’ multi-window functionality allows you to open multiple windows. This feature allows for a more efficient and seamless communication and collaboration in the Teams platform. There are some limitations and this feature does not allow the same chat window or meeting to open in more than one window. However, there are ways around these limitations. Microsoft Teams is constantly evolving, so it’s reasonable that this feature will continue to be improved, allowing for a more seamless and intuitive collaboration.


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