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can windows 10 read heic files? – get complete details

Digital photography has made rapid advances, leading to various file formats. Apple introduced the High Efficiency File Format (HEIC) in iOS 11 of 2017. The format is known for its remarkable compression abilities and high-quality images. HEIC files are popular, but they also pose a compatibility problem for some users, especially those who use Windows 10. Can Windows 10 read HEIC? Let’s examine this topic in detail.

Understanding the HEIC file format

What is HEIC?

Apple’s new HEIF standard is called High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF). The file format Apple chose to call it High Efficiency Image Codc (HEIC). HEIC can store multiple images as well as audio. This makes it perfect for Live Photos. The format also offers advanced editing and storage options.

HEIC is a format that stores high-quality images with smaller file sizes than the JPEG format, which is widely used. Its main drawback is its incompatibility with older software and non-Apple products, including Windows 10.

Windows 10 compatibility with HEIC files

Initial Limitations

Windows 10 initially could not directly open HEIC-formatted files. Windows 10 would display an error message if you attempted to open a HEIC format file. Windows 10 did not have built-in support of the HEIC format. This was due to its relatively recent status and the licensing fees for the proprietary HEVC codec used in HEIC.

The solution: HEIF image extensions

Microsoft has addressed this issue with the HEIF image extensions in the Microsoft Store. Installing this extension allows users to view HEIC files directly in Windows 10 Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Visit the Microsoft Store.
  2. Look for “HEIF image extensions” in the search box.
  3. Download and install the extension by clicking on “Get”.

Windows 10 can open and view HEIC documents directly after installation, without any need for third-party software.

Additional Requirement : HEVC video extensions

Even after installing HEIF Image Extensions you may still have problems opening HEIC Files. It is because HEIC (High Efficiency Video Codec), which is used to compress HEIC, uses HEVC. You may need to install the HEVC Video Extensions in the Microsoft Store.

Third-Party Software & Online Converters: Alternative Solutions

You can use third-party software and online converters if you have any problems with the Microsoft Store extensions or you want more features, such as batch conversion or editing. CopyTrans HEIC allows you to view, convert, and open HEIC files in Windows 10. Online converters are also available to quickly convert HEIC to a more widely accepted format, such as JPEG.


Windows 10 doesn’t natively support HEIC, but Microsoft offers solutions via extensions in the Microsoft Store. Windows 10 users can now open and view HEIC documents directly thanks to the HEIF Image Extensions, and HEVC video extensions. There are also third-party solutions and online converters for those who want more flexibility or have issues with the official extension. Windows 10 users will be able to access HEICs with no additional effort, even though there are a few extra steps.


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