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how to disable network access to windows registry? – All things you need to know

It is vital to maintain the security of Windows. Disabling network access is one of the most important security measures, yet it’s often forgotten. This procedure protects your system against unauthorized accesses and possible security threats. This article will walk you through how to do this.

Understanding the Windows Registry

What exactly is the Windows Registry

Windows Registry is an important component of Windows. The Registry is a hierarchical data base that contains low-level operating system settings and those of applications that use it. Subkeys can be found in the registry for kernels, device drivers and services.

Unauthorized access to Windows Registry can be a serious threat to your system’s security due to its crucial role. Disabling network access can be a good way to secure the Registry.

Disabling Network Access in Windows Registry

Open Group Policy Editor

The Group Policy Editor allows you to manage your system. Press the Windows key and “R” simultaneously to open the Run dialog box. Enter ‘gpedit.msc’in the box. This will open Group Policy Editor.

Navigate to the relevant setting

Navigate through the following paths once you’ve opened the Group Policies Editor: Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies > User Rights Assignment.

Find the policy “Access this computer via the network” in this list.

Modify the policy setting

Double-click on the “Access This Computer from the Network” policy to bring up its properties dialog.

It determines who can connect to this computer via the network. This policy holds the rights of users for network logons. The ‘Everyone,’ Administators, Users, and other groups will be listed by default.

Remove the “Everyone” group from the policy to disable network access. Click the Everyone group, then click the Remove button. Click on the “Apply” button, and then click ‘OK’ in order to save your changes.

Verifying Changes

Confirm Policy Change

It’s important to verify that these changes have taken effect after you’ve made them. You can verify by using the ‘gpresult command’.

Press the Windows key and the R simultaneously. Type ‘cmd,’ then press ‘Enter.’ Type ‘gpresult’ in the command prompt and then press ‘Enter. This command will generate a report with details of the policies that are applied to your computer.

Under the section ‘User Rights Assign’, make sure that ‘Everyone” is no longer listed under the policy “Access this computer through the network”. This confirms that you have successfully disabled network access for the Windows Registry.


It is important to protect Windows from any potential threats by disabling network access. Although it is a simple process in terms of technical aspects, you will need to interact with powerful system tools. It’s important to follow the steps and to double-check all changes to your system settings.

You should always be updating your security measures and reviewing them regularly to ensure that your system is safe.


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