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how do i see all programs in windows 8? – get complete details

Windows 8, which was released in 2012, marked a major departure from the Windows interface. Windows 8 brought many features to the table that improved the user’s experience, even though some users were not happy with the changes. The redesigned Start Screen was one such feature. It provided a more visually appealing and touch-friendly way to access applications and programs.

This article will explore the various ways to view all applications in Windows 8. It’s important that you have easy access to and management of your programs.

1. Accessing the Start Screen

First, open the Start screen. You can do this in several ways:

  • Windows Key on Keyboard
  • Touchscreen devices: Swipe from the right side of the screen inwards and tap on the Start charm.
  • Click the Start icon that appears when you move your mouse to the lower left corner of the display.

On the Start screen you will see an app tile collection that represents your most used programs. Continue to the next section to view all installed applications.

2. Navigation between the App View and Start Screen

Windows 8’s App View displays all installed applications. Follow these steps to access it:

  • Click the downward-pointing arrow in the lower left corner of the Start screen. You can also swipe up the bottom of your screen (touchscreens).
  • The App View lists all applications sorted alphabetically. To view the complete list, you can scroll horizontally. Click or tap the icon to launch a particular program.
  • You can sort your apps by name, date installed, most used or category. Sort your programs by category, name, date installed or most used.

Add a program on the Start Screen for quick access.

  1. Click the desired icon of the program in the App View.
  2. Choose “Pin to start” from the context-menu.
  3. Now, the program will appear as a tile in the Start screen.

3. Searching for information using the Search Function

Use the search feature in Windows 8 to find and launch programs quickly. You can access it by:

  • Windows + S is the shortcut key.
  • Enter the name of the application you are looking for into the search box.
  • You will see a list of programs that match your search. To launch the program, click or tap on it.

You can also access the search feature directly from your Start screen.

  • Start typing the name of your desired program.
  • A search box and a list of programs that match your criteria will appear automatically.
  • To launch the program, click or tap on it.

4. Create shortcuts on your desktop

You can create shortcuts to your favorite programs on the desktop. Here’s how:

  1. App View: Follow the instructions in Section 2 to access this view.
  2. Find the program that you want to create a short cut for.
  3. Click the program icon with the right-click and choose “Open File Location” from the context menu. The File Explorer will display the shortcut for the program.

Click the shortcut for the program and choose “Copy”. 5. Navigate to the desktop, click on an empty area and choose “Paste”. This will create an icon for the program in your desktop.

5. Explore the Programs Folder

You can also view all the installed software by browsing through the Programs folder. It may not be as attractive or as user-friendly to use as the Start screen, or App View. However, it does provide a complete list of all software installed.

You can access the programs folder by:

  1. Open File Explorer by pressing Windows + E.
  2. Click “This PC” in the left-hand panel.
  3. Double-click on the “C” drive.
  4. Double-click on the “Program Files folder”. This folder contains the majority of programs that are installed on your computer.
  5. Check the “Program Files” folder if you cannot find a particular program. This folder contains 32-bit programs, while “Program Files”, contains 64-bit programs.
  6. Double-click on the folder of the program you want to launch, and then click the executable (which is usually named after the application).

Remember that not all applications install their executables in the Program Files folder or Program Files(x86). Some programs may install in a completely different folder, depending on how the program is designed and what user settings you make during installation.


It’s not difficult to navigate through the many programs that are installed on Windows 8. Each method has its advantages, whether you use the Start screen or App View, the search function, desktop shortcuts or the Programs Folder. Explore these options to find the best method for managing and accessing your programs. This will enhance your overall experience with Windows 8


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