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how to stop onenote from starting with windows 10? – everything you to need know

OneNote, a Microsoft digital note-taking app, is an application that allows you to take notes. It is a useful tool but it may not be for everyone. This article will walk you through how to stop OneNote starting on Windows 10.

Understanding Startup Programs

It’s important to know what startup programs are before we can stop OneNote starting with Windows 10.

What is a Startup Program?

Applications that are set up to run as soon as the computer starts are called startup programs. Some of these programs may be essential to the smooth operation of your system. However, other programs might not be needed and slow down your computer’s startup time.

Why stop OneNote from starting with Windows 10

For various reasons, you may want to prevent OneNote from launching with Windows. You may not use OneNote often, or the program is slowing your computer down. You can speed up the boot-up of your computer by disabling OneNote at startup.

Disable OneNote at Startup

You can prevent OneNote starting with Windows 10 in a number of ways. We will describe two of the more common methods.

Task Manager

Windows 10’s Task Manager allows you to manage applications that start automatically. Use Task Manager to stop OneNote starting in Windows 10 by following these steps:

  1. Click on the Taskbar, then select “Task manager”. Click on “More Details” at the bottom if you cannot see the tabs in the top left corner of the Task Manager.
  2. Click the “Startup tab” . This tab displays all applications set to start at boot.
  3. Click on “OneNote”, which is listed in to highlight the program.
  4. Click the “Disabled” button on the bottom right corner of the Task Manager Window.

OneNote will no longer launch with your computer after you follow these steps.

Configuring the System

Windows 10’s System Configuration tool can be used to manage startup programs. How to manage startup applications in Windows 10:

  1. To open the “Run dialog box”, press the Windows key +.
  2. Enter “msconfig” in the Run dialog box. This will open up the System Configuration Window.
  3. Click the “Startup tab ” .
  4. Click the “Open Task Manager link. This will open the Task Manager’s Startup Tab, as described in previous sections.
  5. To disable OneNote, follow steps 3 and 4.


You can speed up the boot-up time of your computer and reduce system resource usage by managing your startup programs. You can easily prevent OneNote from launching with Windows 10 by following the steps in this article. You can also use this process to control any other program that starts up on your computer. You’ll be glad you did!


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