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lackt reviews – everything you to need know

Welcome, online shoppers! Are you in search of an all-in-one shopping platform offering various items? To save both time and money on transportation costs, let us introduce an e-commerce store carrying many different products that meets all these criteria.

The digital marketplace is registered in the United States, Germany, and India, but shoppers are keen to ascertain – is Lackt trustworthy? Through an examination of various factors, we’ll shed light on the positive and negative facets of this online portal.

Assessing the Authenticity of Croopzy.com –

For determining the true nature of any web portal, it’s imperative to scrutinize several crucial points. Here’s what our investigation reveals –

Domain Age: The website’s inception date is October 31, 2021, making it just over two months old.

Valid Contact Number: A legitimate contact number, +949409-5748, is provided.  

WhatsApp Number: A valid contact number, (256) 886-8213, is provided by the site’s creator.

Social Media Presence: Our analysis for Lackt shows no identifiable social media icons on the official page.

Trust Score: The trust score is rather low, sitting at only 1%.

Website Owner’s Name: We were unable to find details about the owner on the website.

Percentage of Copied Content: The website appears to display 92% duplicate content.

Alexa Ranking: Over the last 90 days, the website hasn’t obtained any ranking on Alexa, the world’s leading ranking site.

What is Lackt.com?

This platform offers a diverse range of products, including children’s toys, home appliances, clothing, winter wear, pet supplies, furniture, and more. Yet, shoppers are eager to ascertain if Lackt is a legitimate site.

The platform is unique as it offers custom printing as per customers’ requests.

Important Information about Lackt.com –

Website URL: https://www.lackt.com/

Website’s inception date: October 31, 2021

Website’s expiration date: October 31, 2022

Email address: support@lackt.com

Official address: We found a valid official address in its contact information.

Phone number: We found a valid contact number on its homepage.

Shipping Policy: Product delivery is estimated to take 8 to 12 days.

Free shipping: Free shipping may only be offered during sales seasons, which could cast doubt upon their legitimacy. Shipping Costs: Orders over $50.01 qualify for free delivery while orders between $0.0-19.99 incur a shipping cost of $9.95.

Shipping Cost: Orders above $50.01 qualify for free shipping; for orders between $0 and $50.00, a shipping cost of $9.95 applies.

Social media presence: The website doesn’t advertise its commercial page.

Custom Duty: Customers are responsible for any customs duties on orders that enter Canada, but orders from this site do not incur customs duties or import fees.

Return Policy: There is a 30-day return policy offered on this site; refunds will typically be processed 12-24 hours post return with any non-refunded shipping costs non-refundable (but exchanges allowed). Anschliessend Exchange Policy is implemented.

Cancellation Policy: Unfortunately no information regarding cancellation is available. Non-Refundable Goods: Sale items cannot be returned and payment modes on this site accept Visa, Master Card, PayPal JCB Discover etc as payment modes.

Perks of Lackt.com –

  • The site provides various convenient and legitimate payment options.
  • We found valid HTTPS protection.
  • The official page lists all necessary details, including shipping, return, and refund policies.
  • It shares valid contact information and an official address with customers.

Drawbacks of Lackt.com –

  • The site does not disclose the owner’s information.
  • Its absence from social media suggests
  •  it isn’t widely followed.
  • As a young domain (less than six months old), it hasn’t garnered much fame among shoppers.

Reviewing Lackt.com –

On the business algorithm platform, the website scored a low rank of 28.4/100, suggesting potential risk. As a newly launched website, it’s not easy to gain a large customer base, leading to a poor trust score.

Customers are encouraged to educate themselves on Credit Card scams to protect against financial fraud. The lack of a social media presence means there are no reviews to consider.

The low trust score and lack of reviews raises questions about its credibility. We recommend conducting thorough research before making any purchases.

Conclusion –

In addressing the question – is Lackt legit? – we’ve provided all the necessary details in this article. Consider our information about the Ankle Jeans – Dark Wash – Distressed Hem, and don’t miss the chance to purchase the product at a competitive price. Also, remember to act promptly if you’re a victim of a PayPal scam.

Would you consider shopping at Lackt.com? Let us know your thoughts.


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