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sjunkie.co reviews – Explore all details

In this piece, we’ll delve into the details of Sjunkie Co, an emerging online platform that promises its users potential earnings through various tasks, to ascertain its legitimacy.

Do you know of any online platforms that compensate you for completing surveys?

Sjunkie Co is a recent entrant in the arena of online earnings websites. As it allows its users to generate extra income by registering, inviting friends, answering surveys, testing apps and performing miscellaneous tasks on the platform, it has attracted much interest in particular from individuals in the US. But prospective users must take care to ascertain its legitimacy before enrolling with it. However, it is essential for prospective users to discern the credibility of this site. Is Sjunkie Co a legitimate platform or not? Let’s find out.

Unraveling the Legitimacy of Sjunkie Co

Strikingly, Sjunkie Co does not maintain a profile on any social media platforms. Lack of visibility on widely-used platforms such as Facebook or Instagram – which have proven their ability to increase user numbers over the years – hindered its efforts at growing its user base.

Let’s examine some facts in depth:

Registrar: The site was registered with NAMECHEAP INC
Registration date: The site was created very recently, with a registration date of 06/01/2022.
Trust index: According to a trusted source, the site’s trust index is quite low, at only 1%.
Missing details: Contact information is noticeably absent from the website, raising further concerns.
Data security: While HTTPS protocol is detected, this does not guarantee absolute data security.

Sjunkie Co Unveiled

Sjunkie Co is a platform designed to allow users to earn money through various activities. Its main offering is online surveys, which require no prior experience. All you need to do is answer questions and fill out forms. Compensation is provided for these activities.

Sjunkie Co doesn’t limit its offering to surveys. Users can also earn money by engaging in online games and completing certain tasks. These tasks, often commissioned by reputable companies, can range from app testing to trying out new services or games. Sjunkie Co promises immediate rewards upon task completion.

Sjunkie Co’s Unique Features

There are numerous websites offering online games and paid surveys. However, Sjunkie Co differentiates itself by providing free registration and gift certificates for points earned on the site. Users can cash out once they’ve accumulated $5. However, it’s worth noting that the platform doesn’t support sign-in via other accounts, such as Facebook or Google.

Customer Reviews on Sjunkie Co

There is a noticeable lack of online reviews for this platform. We were unable to locate any testimonials that could help confirm its legitimacy. Feedback was a mix of positive and negative, with some users satisfied while others experienced issues such as disqualification due to incorrect answers or problems with point deductions and withdrawal of funds. Some users also reported being unable to participate in all rounds and being removed for minor mistakes.


After evaluating all the available information, there is reason to be cautious about Sjunkie Co. The site has questionable elements that make it appear potentially dubious. As always, exercise caution when engaging with platforms that promise easy money. To learn more about online scams and Sjunkie Co, click here for additional information.


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