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Kutboregi.com: An Extensive Look at its Legitimacy

Discover unique insights only found here about Kutboregi.com, a specialized website dedicated exclusively to shoe-related articles.

Have you ever considered the importance of your footwear in defining your personality? Are you meticulous about your fashion accessories? Do you enjoy sporting the latest trends? Are you eager to learn some handy tips for keeping your shoes in peak condition?

Kutboregi.com is a website that has gained notable traction in Colombia and Mexico. In this article, we’ll delve into the credibility, features, and public opinion regarding Kutboregi.com.

Assessing the Credibility of Kutboregi.com:

Kutboregi.com has landed a disappointingly low 1% Trust Score, a dismal Zero Alexa Ranking, and a mediocre Business Ranking of 48.6%. In addition, it scored 33% on the suspicion profile, 5% on Malware, and 23% on Phishing and Threat profiles. Therefore, Kutboregi.com may likely be a SCAM.

Registered in Turkey, a country known for hosting suspect websites, Kutboregi.com is a relatively new seven-month-old site established on 9th December 2021. One review website has flagged Kutboregi.com as a Spam source, with the site earning a Spam profile score of 7%.

An Overview of Kutboregi.com’s Features:

The website design of Kutboregi.com mirrors that of Descargardirectx.com, including similar navigation buttons. There’s a notable absence of terms and privacy policy details, and contact details for customer service have been left unspecified.

While Kutboregi.com operates under a valid HTTPS protocol and its IP has an active SSL certificate for the next 86 days, it has a relatively short life expectancy as it’s set to expire in the next five months on 9th December 2022. Kutboregi.com hosts services via two servers located in the USA and GB, and the website was last updated on 4th July 2022.

Delving into Kutboregi.com:

This site doesn’t provide import content or offer any subscription service or payment options. Its content is limited to 20 articles all centered around shoes, which has kept it off any blacklisting radars.

All of Kutboregi.com’s links reroute users back to its homepage. The 20 articles featured on Kutboregi.com include topics such as:

  • Eternal shoe styles
  • Athletic footwear
  • Shoe traditions
  • Trendy footwear


Even though Kutboregi.com specializes solely in shoe-related articles, it’s received remarkably low Trust Rank, Business Ranking, and Alexa Rank even after seven months of operation. There’s also a lack of user reviews and ratings for Kutboregi.com on the internet. It has concerning scores in Suspicion, Malware, Threat, and Phishing profiles, posing potential risk to user devices and data. As per the reviews, Kutboregi.com appears to be a potential SCAM.

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