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Is Cofoon a Trusted Or Scam? Find The All Info Here!

If you’ve been hunting for comfortable bedding accessories to enhance your sleep, your search may have led you to various online shopping websites. One such platform is Cofoon, an e-commerce site recently launched in the United States with an extensive collection of bedding items. However, the legitimacy of Cofoon is in question. To dispel any doubts and to prevent possible fraud, this review will delve into the details of Cofoon, verifying its reliability and lifespan.

Establishing the Authenticity of Cofoon

The e-commerce site was launched on 26/10/2022 and has a planned expiration date of 26/10/2023. The trust score of the website is low at 1%, with no social media presence detected. While we were able to find valid policies on the site, it didn’t make a mark on the Alexa ranking nor was it found in the domain’s trust index. Furthermore, it lacks threat, phishing, and malware scores. There aren’t any customer reviews available, and the site operator’s identity is concealed. However, the website does ensure the safety of customers’ personal details through valid SSL encryption.

What Is Cofoon.com

Cofoon’s online store offers a range of unique bedding accessories, including pillows, blankets, coverlets, and tableware, all promising style and comfort at a reasonable price. The company assures a 100% quality guarantee for its products, enabling customers to choose from a variety of items.

Details about Cofoon.com

In order to determine the legitimacy of Cofoon, let’s examine some of its essential features:

  • Website URL: https://cofoon.com/
  • No contact number provided
  • Official email address: support@cofoon.co
  • No physical address found
  • Delivery policy: 10-15 days
  • Return Policy: 30 days
  • Lifetime warranty excluding damage from improper care
  • Refunds will be automatically returned to the original payment method
  • Damage caused through normal wear and tear cannot be returned.
  • payment accepted via Visa, Mastercard and PayPal etc.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cofoon.com


  1. Comfortable, high-quality products available at a reasonable price
  2. Globally accepted payment methods
  3. Strong data security encryption
  4. Clear and understandable policies


  1. Low trust score
  2. Absence of malware score, trust index, and phishing score
  3. Lack of customer service contact number
  4. No customer reviews available
  5. Lacking Alexa ranking

Customer Feedback on Cofoon

To gain customer trust, an e-commerce platform needs to have substantial user engagement. However, due to the absence of a social media presence and lack of customer reviews, Cofoon falls short. It’s essential for potential buyers to have access to feedback from previous customers.

Concluding Thoughts on Cofoon

From our analysis, we found that the site has several gaps and deficiencies, potentially indicating that it could be a scam. We recommend conducting further research and carefully considering the risks before deciding to purchase from Cofoon.

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