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why is my wifi limited windows 8? – read all facts here

Windows 8’s ‘WiFi Limited Connection’ issue can be frustrating. This problem, which is usually indicated by a triangle-shaped yellow icon on the network icon indicates that your computer has Wi-Fi but no internet access. This article will explore the causes of this problem, and offer practical solutions that can help you to regain Wi-Fi access.

What causes the “Wi-Fi limited connection” problem?

Driver compatibility issues

The most common reason you might experience limited Wi-Fi on Windows 8 comes from outdated or incompatible drivers. Windows 8 introduced several changes to the system architecture that caused compatibility problems with certain network drivers.

Power Management Settings

Power management settings may also interfere with WiFi connectivity. Windows systems are designed for energy conservation, and these settings can sometimes turn off certain devices including your network adapter to save power.

The Network Configuration is Incorrect

Incorrect network configurations may limit your Wi-Fi. You may experience this issue if you have incorrectly configured your Internet Protocol Version 4 or Internet Protocol Version 6 settings.

How to fix limited Wi-Fi connection on Windows 8

Update Network Adapter Drivers

The first step to resolve driver issues is updating your network adapter. This can be done by:

  1. Open the Device Manager.
  2. Expanding the Network Adapters section.
  3. You can update your driver software by right-clicking the Wi-Fi adapter, and choosing ‘Update Driver’.
  4. Select ‘Search for updated drivers automatically’.

Adjusting power management settings

By adjusting power management settings, you can prevent your network adapter being shut off. You can do this by:

  1. Open ‘Device manager’ and expand ‘Network Adapters.
  2. Clicking on the Wi-Fi adapter, then selecting ‘Properties.
  3. Click on the “Power Management” tab.
  4. Uncheck the option ‘Allow this device to be turned off by the computer in order to save energy’.

Correction of Network Configuration

You can fix Wi-Fi connectivity issues by correcting your network configuration. Follow these steps.

  1. Click the network icon in the taskbar, and then click ‘Open Network Sharing Center’.
  2. Click on “Change adapter Settings”.
  3. Click on the ‘Properties” option by right-clicking your Wi-Fi Connection.
  4. Click ‘Properties.’ Select either ‘Internet Protocol Version 4’ (TCP/IPv4) or ‘Internet Protocol Version 6’ (TCP/IPv6).
  5. Make sure that “Obtain an IP Address Automatically” and “Obtain DNS Server Address Automatically” are selected.


Windows 8’s ‘WiFi Limited Connection’ problem can be frustrating, but is usually resolvable with a few simple troubleshooting techniques. Be sure to keep your drivers up-to date, your power management settings configured correctly, and that your network settings have been properly set up. If you still have problems after attempting these solutions, consult a tech expert or your internet provider.


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