Home Technology Netflix tests launching video game service on televisions read to know more

Netflix tests launching video game service on televisions read to know more

Netflix has announced their plans to enter the video game industry by offering a gaming service for subscribers. They have already started hiring experienced professionals from this sector and are said to be in the process of creating their own games.

According to The Information, Netflix has been looking for an executive to lead its gaming division – separate from its existing movie and TV shows division. Furthermore, reports indicate the streaming giant may offer a bundle of games at no extra cost to subscribers, potentially increasing its user base and setting itself apart from rivals like Amazon Prime Video and Hulu.

Netflix has yet to announce what kind of games they plan on offering, but it seems likely they’ll be tailored towards mobile devices and based on popular shows and movies available on their streaming service. This could include games based on beloved Netflix Originals such as Stranger Things, The Witcher, or Narcos.

Netflix’s entry into gaming would be a logical next step, having invested heavily in original content over the last several years. The company has already ventured into interactive programming with shows like Black Mirror: Bandersnatch and You vs Wild that allow viewers to make choices that influence the outcome of the storyline.

Overall, Netflix’s expansion into gaming could be a wise move as it allows them to tap into their existing user base and expand into another market. Nevertheless, success in this endeavor remains uncertain as competition in the gaming industry is fierce, with established players such as Google Stadia and Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass already established.

In conclusion, Netflix’s expansion into gaming is an exciting development that could revolutionize the industry. Although there are still many unknowns about what the service will provide, it’s clear they take this move seriously and are investing in quality talent to make it successful. If executed properly, Netflix could become a major force within gaming and give subscribers even greater value for their money.


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