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is there a youtube app for linux? – Explore all details

YouTube is a juggernaut of the online video streaming world, with over 2 billion users logged in monthly. YouTube offers a wide range of content including music, educational videos, DIY tutorials and vlogs. Is there an app that allows you to access YouTube on Linux? We’re here today to answer that question.

YouTube on Linux: The Basics

It’s important to note that, regardless of the operating system you use, a web-browser is the most common method to access YouTube. Linux users can visit YouTube with browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome or alternative options such as Brave or Chromium.

Some users, however, may prefer a native YouTube application for a more personalized and optimized viewing experience on Linux desktop. Let’s look at the options available.

Web Applications

YouTube can be used to simulate a dedicated application experience by creating a web app. You can make any website look like a standalone app using tools such as GNOME Web, formerly Epiphany. You can create a YouTube web app that sits in your application drawer like any other software.

Does YouTube have a native app for Linux?

YouTube has no official native app available for Linux or desktop operating systems as of September 2021. Google instead encourages users use their web browser to access YouTube. Linux users still have other options.

Explore Third-Party Customers

Third-party YouTube clients are available for those who would prefer to use a standalone application. These clients are designed to enhance the viewing experience with additional features, and they also focus on privacy.


FreeTube, an open-source YouTube client that promotes privacy, is available for Linux. You can watch videos without Google tracking or ads. You can also access features such as subscriptions, favorite videos, and playlists even without a YouTube account.


Minitube is a native YouTube client for Linux. It provides a TV-like viewing experience that focuses on the content rather than comments and other peripheral content. Minitube lets you subscribe to channels without having to have a Google Account.


youtubedl is a powerful tool for users who are more comfortable using the command line. It can download videos from YouTube or other sites. It’s not an “app” as most people would think of it, but it is a useful tool to manage offline YouTube content.


There isn’t an official YouTube app for Linux. However, this doesn’t mean that Linux users are left without options. There are many ways to enjoy YouTube content. You can create a web app, use third-party clients or command-line tools.

We may see further developments as Linux grows and evolves. It’s not surprising that more YouTube-focused open source applications will be developed in the future.

While Linux may not have an official YouTube application, its flexibility and freedom provide many other options for users to access YouTube content. These alternatives will serve the Linux community until Google releases an official YouTube app.


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