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Instagram Now Lets You Bookmark Posts with Friends and Store Them in a Dedicated Space

Instagram has always been a popular platform for sharing photos and videos, but with its new feature it’s even simpler than ever to bookmark posts with friends and store them in an organized space. This new addition has made Instagram more interactive, personal, and enjoyable for users. In this article we’ll take a closer look at this new function in detail and provide tips on how to make the most of it.

Discover The New Features of Instagram Bookmarking

Instagram’s new bookmark feature allows users to save posts and videos to a separate section called “Saved”. This has been available for some time now, but with the latest update users can now create collections within their “Saved” area and include their friends in those collections. So if you’re planning a trip with friends, create a collection called “Travel” and include all of your travel-related posts so your buddies can see them too!

Tips and Tricks for Utilizing the Bookmark Feature

To use the bookmark feature, first find a post you’d like to save. You can do this by scrolling through your feed or searching for specific hashtags. When you locate the post you wish to save, tap on its respective bookmark icon underneath it – this will save it into your “Saved” section.

To start creating a new collection, go to your “Saved” section and tap on the plus sign in the top right corner. Give your collection a name and add any relevant tags; you can opt to make it private or public. After creating your collection is ready, tap “Invite” button and select who you wish to invite.

Tips for Utilizing the Bookmark Feature

What Can You Do with this Bookmark Feature?

The new bookmark feature on Instagram is an ideal way to organize and prioritize your favorite posts and videos. Here are a few tips for maximising its usefulness:

Create Collections for Different Interests

Creating collections based on different interests can help you quickly locate posts and videos you’re passionate about. For instance, you could create a collection for food, fashion, travel or any other passion of yours.

Add Your Friends to Collections

Sharing your favorite posts and videos with friends is easy. Create a collection called “Travel” and invite all of your travel-related buddies. That way, all posts related to the trip can be saved in one place for easy viewing by all.

Use Relevant Tags

Utilizing relevant tags can help you quickly locate posts and videos of interest. For instance, if you’re passionate about food, tags like #foodie, #foodporn, #foodstagram, and more can be used to help locate relevant content quickly.

Make Your Collections Public

Making your collections visible on Instagram allows you to connect with other users who share similar interests. Plus, by following other people’s public collections on the platform, you’ll have access to a wealth of new content!

Final Verdict

Instagram’s new bookmark feature is an ideal way to organize and organize your favorite posts and videos on the platform. By creating collections and adding friends to them, you can share your content with others while discovering new material too! So don’t wait any longer – get started creating your own collections today!


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