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how to uninstall programs on windows 10 that wont uninstall? – Explore all details

Windows 10 is not the only operating system that has stubborn programs. This can be frustrating but there are ways to resolve this problem and remove the applications.

Why some programs won’t uninstall

It’s important that we understand the cause of the problem before we can begin to solve it. Uninstallations can fail because of corrupted files or permission issues. Sometimes, an application may be malicious and difficult to remove. Here are a few solutions you can consider, regardless of the reason.

Basic Uninstallation in Windows 10

Uninstalling software on Windows 10 can be done the traditional way:

  1. Go to Settings > Apps > “Apps and features”.
  2. Click on the program that you wish to uninstall and click ‘Uninstall.

If this method does not work, follow the steps in the sections below.

Windows 10 Safe Mode: H2

Safe Mode is a great way to fix problems you cannot solve in the normal startup mode. Uninstalling stubborn programs is one of the things you can do in Safe Mode.

How to Uninstall H3 in Safe Mode

  1. Hold the Shift key as you restart your computer.
  2. Select ‘Troubleshoot” > Advanced Options’ > > Startup settings’ > > â€Restartâ€.
  3. A list of options appears after your computer has restarted. To start your computer in safe mode, select ‘4 or ‘F4″.
  4. Uninstall the stubborn program right now.

Uninstalling H2 with Third-Party Uninstallers

Third-party uninstallers are very useful for removing stubborn programs. These uninstallers not only remove the software, but also clean any leftover files or folders.

How To Use A Third-Party Remover

  1. Download an uninstaller from a trusted third party. Revo Uninstaller or IObit Uninstaller is a popular option.
  2. Install and launch the third-party Uninstaller.
  3. Find the stubborn program, and select it.
  4. To remove all the residual files and software, click ‘Uninstall.

To avoid potential malware issues, only use trusted third-party software and downloads.

How to use the Windows Registry

It is not recommended as a first option due to the complexity and potential risks. If none of the methods above work, you may manually delete the keys for the program from the Windows Registry.

How to Uninstall H3 using the Windows Registry

  1. Enter the regedit command by pressing ‘Windows + R’.
  2. Navigate to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” > “SOFTWARE” > “Microsoft” > Windows > CurrentVersion > Uninstall.
  3. Right-click on the stubborn program and choose ‘Delete.’
  4. Restart your computer after exiting the Registry Editor.

To avoid system problems, always make a backup of your registry prior to making any changes.


There are several ways to resolve this problem, even though it may be difficult to remove stubborn programs from Windows 10. Start with the simplest method, and then move on to more complex ones if needed. Use advanced tools and procedures with caution to prevent further problems on your computer.


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