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how to test video on skype windows 10? – get complete details

Video calling technology has revolutionized the way we connect with each other. Skype, owned by Microsoft has been leading this technological revolution. Skype allows voice and video calling, virtual meetings and instant messaging. Technical difficulties can occur. This article will guide you step-by-step on how to ensure that your Skype connection is seamless.

Understanding Skype Video Settings

Launching Skype with H3

Open the Skype app on your Windows 10 computer. Download the app from the Microsoft Store or the Skype official website if you don’t already have it. Open the app and sign in with your Skype or Microsoft account.

Video Settings Location

Look for the three-dot (…) icon on the left of the screen. Select “Settings”, from the dropdown list, by clicking on this icon. You will see different categories in the Settings window. Click on “Audio & video.”

Skype’s video features are centered around the “Audio & Video Settings”. You can configure and troubleshoot your camera and microphone here.

Testing your Video

Checking Camera Functionality

You will find a video preview in the “Audio & Video Settings”. You should be able to see yourself if your camera is functioning properly. If you do not see the live feed, your camera may be set up incorrectly, not working or Skype doesn’t have access.

Selecting a Correct Camera

Skype will automatically detect any camera connected to your computer. You can choose the camera you want to use if you have more than one connected (like an integrated laptop and an external webcam).

Video Quality Adjustment

Skype lets you adjust video settings to optimize your calling experience. You may want to reduce the video quality if your internet connection is slow to ensure smooth calls.

Troubleshooting video issues with H2.

Granting Skype Camera Access

You may need to give Skype access to the camera if your video doesn’t appear in the preview panel. Select “Privacy” and then “Camera” in Windows Settings. You can select which apps are allowed to access your camera. Skype must be enabled.

Checking Camera Compatibility

Sometimes, older cameras may not be compatible with the latest versions of Skype. You may need to update the camera driver, or buy a camera compatible with Skype on Windows 10.

Contacting Skype Support

Contact Skype Support if you still cannot get your video to work after trying all of the above steps. They can diagnose any issues that you may be experiencing and provide additional assistance.


Maintaining reliable video communication in the digital age is more important than before. It’s important to be able to test Skype video functionality to ensure smooth conversations. This comprehensive guide will assist you in troubleshooting and maintaining your Skype video settings for Windows 10 so that you are always prepared to connect.


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