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how to fax from windows 10? – All things you need to know

Faxing is still a vital part of many businesses, even with the rapid development of digital communication. Faxing is a safe and reliable way to transmit sensitive information, especially in industries like healthcare and law where document security matters. This article describes how to send a fax using a Windows 10 computer.

How to prepare your Windows 10 computer for faxing

Check your computer’s Fax modem

You’ll need a modem to send a facsimile from your Windows 10 PC. Modern computers do not come with a built-in modem. However, you can buy an external fax modem if needed. This device allows your computer to receive and send faxes by connecting it to the phone line.

Installing a Fax driver

You’ll need to have a fax modem in addition to your modem. Drivers are software programs that allow your computer to communicate with the modem. The driver is usually included with the fax modem, but you can download it from the manufacturer’s website if not.

Faxing with Windows 10 Scan and Fax

Windows 10 includes a faxing/scanning application. How to send a Fax.

Open Windows Fax & Scan

Start by navigating to the Windows search bar. It is usually found in the lower left corner of your screen. Click on “Windows Fax & Scan” when it appears.

Create New Fax

Click on “New Fax”, located at the top toolbar, once the application has been opened. This will open up a window that looks like an email. You’ll be asked to set up your modem if you haven’t already.

Enter the recipient’s Fax number

In the “To” box, enter the recipient’s number. Include the area code as well as any other dialing information.

Add your Document

You can now add the document that you wish to fax. You can type in the document or upload a file directly from your computer. The most common file formats are supported including PDF, Word and image files.

Send your Fax

Click “Send” when you are ready to send your fax. Once the fax is successfully sent, you’ll be notified.

Alternative methods for sending a fax in Windows 10

There are several online services that support Windows 10 if your computer does not have a modem or you want a more simple solution. They usually charge a small fee, but they offer the convenience to send and receive faxes from an email or web interface. Popular options include eFax HelloFax and FaxZero.


Knowing how to fax in Windows 10 is a valuable skill, especially with the rise of digital communication. Sending a fax is easy to do, whether you use the Windows Fax and Scan app or an online service.


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