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how do i change the pre login screen in windows 10? – Explore all details

Windows 10 offers a high level of customization. Its customization options include the ability to customize the lockscreen, or pre-login. This article will walk you through each step.

Pre-login Screen Understanding

What is H3?

It is the first screen you see after turning on your computer. The lock screen displays the background image as well as the date and time, along with any widgets you have enabled. Windows 10 shows a set of beautiful photographs rotating by default. You can change this image to a photo or slideshow.

How to change the pre-login screen image

Change the image of the pre-login page by following these steps:

Step One: Open the Settings app

The Settings icon will appear when you click the Windows Start button in the lower left corner of the screen. The Settings app will be opened, where you can customize your Windows 10 experience.

Step 2. Navigate to the Personalization settings

Click “Personalization” in the Settings app. In the Settings app, click on “Personalization.”

Select Lock screen Settings

Click on “Lock Screen” in the left menu. You will be taken to the lockscreen settings.

H3: Step 4 – Choose Your Picture

You’ll find a preview of the current lockscreen image in the Lock Screen Settings. You’ll find the option to select your image below. You can choose from the Windows default images, your own photo, or a slideshow.

Step 5: Save Your Changes

Save your changes after selecting the image or slideshow. You will see the new lock screen when you restart your computer.

Additional Customization Option

Display Lock Screen Background Image on Sign-in Screen

This option is available in the same Lock screen settings menu. The same Lock screen settings menu offers this option. Turn on “Show lockscreen background picture on sign-in screen” by simply turning on the switch.

Add apps to your lock screen

You can also add apps to the lock screen. You can select whether to display detailed or quick updates from different apps. Select which apps you’d like to see on your lockscreen under the “Choose app to display detailed status” or “Choose app to display quick status” options.

Screen timeout settings

The screen can be set to automatically turn off after a period of inactivity. It’s a great way to save power or add an extra layer of security. You can select when the screen will turn off when you’re using battery power or when you’re plugged in by navigating to “Power & Sleep” settings within the Settings app.


Windows 10’s pre-login screen can be customized to add a personal touch, as well as improve the functionality and convenience of your computer. You can customize your lock screen to suit your style and needs by changing the background, adding apps for quick updates and adjusting screen timeout.


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