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how do i bluetooth files from my iphone to windows 10? – read all facts here

The methods that we use to transfer files between devices are evolving as technology does. You might think about using email or USB to transfer files from your iPhone to your Windows 10 PC. Bluetooth is another way to share data wirelessly.

Bluetooth is widely used to transfer data wirelessly between devices in close proximity. This method is easy and doesn’t require an internet connection. This article provides a detailed guide on how you can transfer files from an iPhone to a Windows 10 computer using Bluetooth.


Check that Bluetooth is working on your iPhone as well as your Windows 10 PC before you begin.

Step 1. Navigate to the “Settings” menu on your Windows 10 computer, then select “Devices”, and select “Bluetooth and other devices.” Step 2. Select “Bluetooth and other devices” from your Windows 10 PC’s “Settings”. Make sure Bluetooth has been activated.

Once you’ve activated Bluetooth on your devices, you can pair them.

Pairing iPhone with Windows 10 PC

Pairing Windows

Go to “Settings”, “Devices”, “Bluetooth and other devices” on your Windows 10 PC. Select “Bluetooth” under “Add Bluetooth or Other Device.”

Pair your devices

You should now see “Other Devices”, a new section, in your iPhone’s Bluetooth settings. This list should include your PC. You will see a prompt on your iPhone as well as your Windows 10 PC asking you to pair your devices. On both devices, confirm.

Confirm Pairing

Your iPhone and Windows 10 computer are now connected by Bluetooth once you confirm the pairing.

Transferring files from iPhone to Windows 10

Share your files

Open the file on your iPhone once the devices have been paired. Select “Bluetooth” by clicking on the share icon (a box with arrows pointing up). Choose your PC from the list.

Accept files on your PC

A notification will appear on your Windows 10 computer asking you to accept incoming files. Click “Accept”, to begin the file transfer.

Direct Bluetooth Transfer Issues

The above steps show how to pair an iPhone with a Windows PC and transfer files using Bluetooth. However, due to Apple’s file-sharing system restrictions, transferring files from an iPhone directly to a PC can be difficult and even impossible.

You can also use third-party apps like SHAREit or iCloud to transfer files and then access them on your PC.


Bluetooth is a great way to transfer data wirelessly between devices. Direct file transfers from an iPhone onto a Windows 10 computer can be difficult due to Apple’s limitations. For a better experience, it’s best to use third-party or cloud-based services.


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