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Google’s Latest Update: Introducing ‘Perspectives’ and ‘About this Author’ to Combat Misinformation

Google recently unveiled two features designed to aid users verify the information found in search results. They are calling these ‘Perspectives’ and ‘About this author’, which allow them to quickly identify both the sources of information and authors behind content they encounter.

The new ‘Perspectives’ feature on Google will offer users a more comprehensive understanding of the topic they are searching for by displaying multiple viewpoints and opinions from different sources. For instance, when someone searches for climate change, Google will show an array of viewpoints from various organizations, experts, and publications. This feature helps users gain a broader insight into the issue at hand so they can make more informed decisions.

Google is introducing an innovative feature called ‘About this author’. This will give users more information about the author of content found in search results, by clicking their name users can see a brief summary of their background and expertise including education, work experience and other articles they’ve authored. This data helps assess credibility of an author and guarantee it’s trustworthy information provided.

These new features are part of Google’s ongoing initiative to improve the quality and accuracy of information displayed in search results. By giving users more context about the sources and authors behind content they find, Google aims to encourage informed discussions on a variety of subjects.

Users may be curious how to take advantage of these new features. To do so, search for a topic and look for the carousel of perspectives at the top of the results page. Clicking each perspective will provide more information.

To utilize the ‘About this author’ feature, search for an article and look for its author’s name. Clicking on their name will display a brief summary of their background as well as other pertinent data.

In conclusion, Google’s new ‘Perspectives’ and ‘About this author’ features are beneficial additions to their search engine that will aid users in verifying information they find in results. By providing more context about sources and authors of content, they hope to enhance both quality and reliability of online data.


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