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Why did Rhett and Link buy Smosh? Discover the all facts you need to know

What Led to Smosh Being Sold Back to Its Original Founders?

After 18 years since its inception, the beloved YouTube channel Smosh has come full circle, being reacquired by its original founders, Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox. This significant event was announced on June 20 by none other than Rhett & Link, the YouTube comedy duo who had purchased Smosh in 2019. The symbolic image of the four creators shaking hands together serves as a testament to the ever-evolving YouTube landscape and the camaraderie between content creators.

How Did Rhett & Link Initially Acquire Smosh?

In the whirlwind world of digital media, companies rise and fall in rapid succession. Smosh’s previous parent company, Defy Media, is one such casualty. When Defy Media suddenly went under, it led to the abrupt layoffs of many of its staff members. At this tumultuous time, Smosh was a ship without a harbor. Hecox had tweeted about the channel seeking a “new home,” which caught the attention of Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal. A series of events and discussions led to Smosh being bought by Rhett & Link’s Mythical Entertainment for a sum under $10 million.

Why Did Anthony Padilla Leave Smosh?

Amidst the channel’s transitional phase, Anthony Padilla made the decision to venture out on his own, leaving Smosh behind. While Smosh was navigating its uncertain future, Padilla was carving out his path, focusing on his solo YouTube career. According to a recent chat with Variety, the initial rift between the duo was attributed to communication issues, seemingly stuck in their teenage years. But time, maturity, and individual experiences provided them both with new perspectives.

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What Inspired the Decision to Buy Back Smosh?

The turning point in Smosh’s narrative was a rekindling of the bond between its founders. Upon reconnection, both Padilla and Hecox had undergone personal growth. One pivotal conversation led to Hecox musing about repurchasing their brainchild, a sentiment that resonated deeply with Padilla. This mutual sentiment was the catalyst for the duo’s decision to reclaim their YouTube channel.

What Can Fans Expect Next from Smosh?

The air is thick with anticipation as fans eagerly await the return of the dynamic duo. Mark your calendars for June 30, as that’s when Padilla and Hecox will release their first collaborative video on the Smosh channel after a hiatus of six years. This monumental release will not be a one-off, with new content promised every fortnight.

What Lies Ahead for Rhett & Link’s Association with Smosh?

While the specifics of the buyout remain undisclosed, Rhett & Link are not severing ties with Smosh completely. They will transition into roles as minor shareholders and advisors, ensuring that while Smosh embarks on its next chapter, the legacy and wisdom of its recent stewards remain intact.

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