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sofia andres husband married daniel miranda yet All things you need to know

Sofia Andres, born August 24th 1998, is not just an entertainment industry name – she is an incredible force! At only 24 years old she has already accomplished much more than many of her peers. Her journey began as a child when she appeared in TV commercials, capturing hearts even then.

Acting Debut and Rise to Fame

Her real breakthrough came at the age of 14 when she featured in the hit TV show “Princess and I.” From there, her career took off, landing her roles in successful movies like “She is Dating the Gangster” (2014) and TV series like “Bagani” (2018).

Accolades and Achievements

Prestigious Awards

In her more than a decade-long career, Sofia Andres has not just been a pretty face on screen; her talent has earned her several awards. These include a FAMAS award, a box office entertainment award, and two PMPC Star Awards for Movies.

Style Icon

Tatler Magazine recognized Sofia for her impeccable fashion sense and named her one of Asia’s most stylish Filipino personalities, according to Tatler. Her fashion is more than simply clothing; it embodies who she is as an individual – making her an inspirational role model.

Personal Life

Relationship Status: Sofia Andres and Daniel Miranda

Currently, Sofia Andres is in a fulfilling relationship with Daniel Miranda. This couple recently welcomed Zoe into their lives on November 24th 2019. While they’ve been together for some time, they’ve chosen for now to focus more on love than on marriage as an institution.

Sofia’s Take on Marriage

Sofia recently took to Instagram to share her thoughts on this subject. She expressed that although societal pressure exists, what’s more important is their own unique love story. According to Sofia, their relationship is in a phase of learning and overcoming challenges, something that they want to focus on at the moment.

Dating History

Before settling into a comfortable and loving relationship with Daniel, Sofia Andres had a couple of significant relationships. She dated Carlos Diego Loyzaga, a known Filipino actor and model. Additionally, she was involved with Inigo Dominic Pascual, an actor and singer. Both relationships ended amicably, and everyone involved has since moved on happily.

Financial Success

Sofia Andres’s Net Worth

With a career spanning various avenues like acting, modeling, and brand endorsements, Sofia Andres has amassed a net worth of around $2 million.

Business Ventures and Endorsements

Sofia is currently the brand ambassador for Super Beaute and has been associated with other high-profile brands like Louis Vuitton. She also has partnerships with @zoessentialsph and is present in stores like Rockwell, SM Aura, and Molito.

Social Media Influence

Sofia Andres has amassed over 10 million Instagram followers, which confirms her status as an industry influencer and allows fans an inside peek into her luxurious lifestyle. Her online presence not only brings in additional income for Sofia Butres but also gives fans access to her lifestyle.


Whether it’s her illustrious career, her committed relationship, or her role as a mother, Sofia Andres is a name that resonates with versatility and success. At 24, she has a life many could only dream of, yet she remains grounded and focused, making her a truly inspiring figure in the industry.


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