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Madeleine Terry Car Accident What Happened to Madeleine Terry? Know his Cause of death & other details!

The shocking news of a devastating car accident has plunged the communities of Denver, Colorado, and Albuquerque, New Mexico, into deep mourning. Madeleine Denise Terry, affectionately known as Maddie, and her cousin Angelina Amoré McNulty tragically lost their lives on the early morning of Saturday, January 21, 2023.

Maddie and Angelina: The Journey Cut Short

On their route from Denver to Albuquerque to visit family, a collision with a car traveling in the wrong direction abruptly ended the lives of these two vibrant young women. The tragic incident has left a profound impact on the lives of all who knew and cherished Maddie and Angelina, leaving behind a deep void that is felt by many.

Remembering Madeleine Denise Terry

Maddie, a young woman of 28 years, was known for her bright spirit, engaging conversations, and joyful presence. A beloved daughter, sister, cousin, aunt, and friend, Maddie’s sudden passing has deeply affected all those who were privileged to be part of her life.

Her family, including her brother Matt, his wife Melissa, and her nephew Jet, along with her Australian shepherd, Jojo, mourn her tragic loss. Her parents, Martin and Mary, are now dealing with the unimaginable pain of losing their cherished daughter.

The Terry Family’s Gratitude

Despite the heart-wrenching loss, the Terry family has expressed deep gratitude for the outpouring of love and support they have received. Numerous tributes and condolences have come their way, reflecting the profound impact Maddie had on so many lives.

Financial Support for the Terry Family

The devastating tragedy has also resulted in unexpected medical costs for the Terry family. In addition to prayers, any donations to help alleviate this financial burden are greatly appreciated by the family during this challenging time.

In Memory of a Radiant Light

The car accident that claimed the lives of Madeleine Denise Terry and Angelina Amoré McNulty has left an indelible mark of sorrow and loss on the hearts of many. However, the memory of Maddie’s warm spirit, infectious laughter, and beautiful soul will forever remain with those who were lucky enough to know her. As the community mourns this heartbreaking loss, they find comfort in remembering the joy and light that Maddie brought into their lives.


Madeleine Terry was tragically cut short by an accident, yet her memory lives on in those she left behind. She will forever be remembered as a source of happiness, comfort, and an invaluable member of both her family and community. Although Madeleine’s radiant light may have gone out so soon after it shone brightly upon this world, its bright light continues to illuminate in their hearts as memories.


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