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Is Luis Miguel Sick? Who is Luis Miguel? Explore the all facts Here!

Who Is Luis Miguel?

Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri, an icon in the realm of music, was born on 19 April 1970. Originally hailing from Puerto Rico, this Mexican singer and music producer wears his Spanish and Italian heritage with pride. His talent is undeniably diverse, evident from his forays into genres like pop, boleros, tangos, and mariachi, among others. Earning the endearing title “El Sol de Mexico” from his mother in childhood, Miguel was a standout even during the ’90s Latin music boom, prioritizing Spanish over crossover tracks. His unmatched dedication and skill led to record sales of around 60 million globally, solidifying his status as one of the Latin music industry’s giants.

Unraveling the Mystery of Miguel’s Health:

Rumors and speculations were rife when the Mexican sensation, Luis Miguel, started cancelling shows and remained conspicuously absent from public life. The reason became clear when he revealed his battle with tinnitus, a condition causing persistent ear ringing. Rooted in years of exposure to elevated music volumes, this ailment affected Miguel’s life profoundly. As with many others in the 10-17% of the world population who suffer from this condition, Miguel too faced challenges that affected his daily activities. This adversity led him to take a break, with hopes of medical treatments facilitating a near-miraculous recovery.

The Real Challenge Behind the Scenes:

2015 was a significant year in Miguel’s life for various reasons. Apart from the wave of concert cancellations that swept Mexico City, his health was a constant source of speculation. While many believed a throat infection was to blame, the reality was his worsening tinnitus. This revelation, which emerged during a legal confrontation with his former tour manager, shocked fans and the media alike. And tinnitus wasn’t his sole concern; Miguel also grappled with vocal cord issues, necessitating surgery in 2019 in New York. Despite these setbacks, he courageously continued to perform, albeit with occasional cancellations.

The Sun Shines Again in 2023:

Early 2023 witnessed the resurgence of Luis Miguel. As he kickstarted his tour in Argentina, fans worldwide rejoiced at his comeback. His performance in Buenos Aires, characterized by an incredible 50-song repertoire and virtual duets with legends like Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson, showcased his undiminished spirit. With an ambitious tour plan stretching into 2024, spanning multiple countries, Luis Miguel’s indomitable spirit is evident. While age and health concerns loom, his passion for music and dedication to fans remains unwavering. As the world watches, hopes are high for this legend to overcome his battles and continue serenading audiences globally.


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