Home News Is Gina Carano Gay? Read All Relevant Facts Here!

Is Gina Carano Gay? Read All Relevant Facts Here!

Gina Carano, known for her roles on The Mandalorian and as a Mixed Martial Artist, has often been at the center of sexual orientation rumors. Here we take an in-depth look into both aspects of her personal and professional lives as well as any speculation regarding whether or not she might be homosexual.

Who is Gina Carano?

Gina Carano (full name Gina Joy Carano), best known by her initials GC is an accomplished multifaceted personality known primarily for her acting and mixed martial arts (MMA) careers. Born in Dallas County Texas and growing up primarily in Las Vegas Nevada she received both acting training from John Paul DeJoria at an early age before continuing both pursuits professionally as she approached adulthood.

Career in Mixed Martial Arts

Gina started her MMA career in 2006 and fought under promotions like EliteXC and Strikeforce until 2009. She boasts a 7-1 record in professional MMA. In 2009, Gina fought against Cris Cyborg in Strikeforce, which was the first time women headlined a major MMA event. After losing to Cyborg, she decided to retire from professional MMA.

Transition to Acting

Following her MMA career, Gina transitioned into acting. She is widely recognized for her role in the popular Disney+ series, The Mandalorian. Her fame in both fields has made her a prominent public figure, drawing attention to both her professional and personal life.

Is Gina Carano Gay?

The Origin of the Rumors

The speculations regarding Gina Carano’s sexual orientation began when Tonya Evinger, an openly gay MMA fighter, made a sexual comment about Gina in September 2007. Following that, Gina was seen at parties with other athletes, leading her fans to nickname it the “Lesbian Party.”

Addressing the Rumors

Gina Carano has never publicly come out as gay or made any statement regarding her sexual orientation. Gina may have experienced dating men before. Therefore, it is imperative that we respect her privacy and give her time and space to define herself on her own time if that is something she desires to do.

Gina Carano’s Relationship Status

Current Relationship

Gina Carano and Kevin Ross, an active combat sports participant, began dating in 2005 but temporarily split when Carano wanted to pursue acting – they have since reconciled.

Past Engagement

Gina Carano and Kevin Ross, an active combat sports participant, began dating in 2005 but temporarily split when Carano wanted to pursue acting – they have since reconciled.


Gina Carano has made an outstanding mark on both MMA and acting careers, both of which she continues to excel at today. While speculation regarding her sexual orientation exists, such private matters must always be respected; Gina has not publicly identified as gay but has had relationships with both women (currently Kevin Ross) as well as men; this makes a positive statement regarding how far Gina can take both genres in life and entertainment! Using all her talents together continues to have an impressive presence within both worlds of entertainment and sport alike.

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