Businesses are always on the lookout for ways to stay ahead of competitors, and iLobby and Insight Partners’ partnership promises to revolutionize how businesses run. As technology constantly progresses, companies must stay abreast of emerging trends – which is exactly what iLobby and Insight Partners is doing by offering an innovative solution that will forever alter how businesses operate.

Insight Partners

Insight Partners is a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage startups. Their strategy differs from other venture capitalists by emphasizing that successful businesses must be able to rapidly iterate and improve their products – this concept being known as “growth hacking.”


iLobby is a social media management platform that gives businesses the power to manage all of their accounts from one location. The tool provides various features for increased engagement and visibility on various channels. Businesses can easily create posts, track Likes, Shares, Comments, as well as monitor analytics to gain insight into which content performs best.

iLobby also provides integrations with other platforms like Google Analytics, Twitter and Facebook. This enables businesses to monitor all social media activity from one central location.

The iLobby platform makes managing social media accounts for businesses easier than ever before, making it an attractive option to consider.

iLobby Raises $100 Million

iLobby, an international lobby firm, announced it has raised $100 million in a Series B round of funding led by AIS Ventures with participation from existing investors DFJ and Index Ventures. The proceeds will be used to continue expanding iLobby’s global presence and developing its technology infrastructure. Headquartered in London with more than 1,000 staff working across 50 offices around the world, this international lobby firm boasts substantial financial backing.

iLobby Achieves Significant Capital Raise

iLobby, a leading fintech startup, recently announced significant funding from AISAWERSVENTUREBEAT. This investment will allow the business to expand operations and continue innovating within the fintech space.

“We are thrilled to partner with iLobby as they bring their cutting-edge platform into the banking sector,” said Rahul Doshi, Director of AISAWERSVENTUREBEAT. “The team at iLobby is highly experienced and well equipped to drive innovation within this industry.”

iLobby offers an online platform that helps banks engage with prospective customers. Its technology automates customer interactions and allows banks to identify and qualify leads more efficiently. With this funding, iLobby will be able to expand its team and technological capabilities in order to better serve its clients.

What is iLobby?

An “iLobby” is a company that engages in lobbying. Lobbying refers to any activity designed to influence government or individual decisions by providing information and/or financial backing. This could take many forms, such as direct contact with officials, grassroots organizing efforts, or creating public awareness campaigns.

Why Do Companies Lobby Government Officials?

Companies may choose to lobby government officials for various reasons. Some might seek to influence policies in their favor, safeguard existing business interests or simply increase visibility within the political process. Whatever the motivation may be, lobbying can be a highly effective means for companies to get what they desire from government.

Ilobby: Revolutionizing Lobbying

ilobby stands apart from other lobbying firms due to its innovative platform and cutting-edge technology, which are revolutionizing how companies approach lobbying.

One of the key advantages of ilobby is its automation of many tasks typically associated with lobbying, such as scheduling meetings and tracking legislative updates. This frees up time for lobbyists to focus on cultivating relationships with decision-makers and crafting persuasive arguments.

ilobby’s platform also provides real-time analytics and data visualization tools, enabling lobbyists to monitor the success of their campaigns and make data-driven decisions about resource allocation.

Another way ilobby is revolutionizing lobbying is by making it more accessible to a broader range of companies. Traditionally, only large corporations and well-funded interest groups could afford effective lobbying. But with ilobby’s platform designed for affordability and user friendliness, even small businesses and grassroots organizations can have an impact in politics.

Finally, ilobby is dedicated to transparency and ethical lobbying practices. Its platform includes features that enable lobbyists to easily disclose their activities and expenditures, as well as tools for tracking and analyzing government data.

Why ilobby is the future of lobbying

With its innovative platform, commitment to transparency and focus on data-driven decision making, ilobby has all the makings of becoming the future of lobbying.

By providing access to the political process, ilobby helps ensure all voices are heard. Furthermore, by automating many tasks associated with lobbying, ilobby makes it simpler and more efficient for companies to get involved in politics.

No matter your position – large corporation, small business owner, or grassroots organizer – ilobby has the tools and know-how to ensure your voice is heard in the halls of power.


Ilobby has revolutionized lobbying with their cutting-edge platform and technology. Their commitment to transparency and ethical practices are setting them apart from competitors, revolutionizing how companies approach this vital task.

No matter your company size or shape, ilobby has all of the tools and expertise you need to get heard and reach your objectives. So don’t delay – sign up for ilobby now and start making a difference in the political process!


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