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Are ‘Match Me Abroad’ Stars Mark and Houda Still Together? Discover the all facts here!

Who is Mark Scafidi from ‘Match Me Abroad’?

Mark Scafidi, a prominent sportscaster hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, became a notable figure on TLC’s recent dating spectacle, ‘Match Me Abroad’. With a travel record that spans over 40 countries, his career might seem enviable to many. However, this extensive travel made personal commitments a challenge. By 44, as Mark saw his friends build families, he felt the void of a serious romantic relationship in his life. His experiences ranged from being financially exploited in a previous relationship to countless first dates that led nowhere. This propelled him to seek love internationally, specifically in Morocco, though not without its own set of unique challenges.

What was the Cultural Shock Mark Faced in Morocco?

Upon landing in Morocco, Mark was hit with a reality he hadn’t entirely anticipated. The Arab nation, rich in traditions and culture, has stringent regulations surrounding male-female relationships. From avoiding physical contact such as hugging or kissing to the restrictions against inviting women home, Mark realized that the romantic journey might not be as straightforward as he had imagined. Despite being aware of Morocco’s conservative nature, the on-ground reality was a more significant adjustment than he initially thought it would be.

The Love Story: What Happened Between Mark and Houda?

While in Morocco, Mark’s path crossed with Houda, a local business owner. Their initial interactions showed promise. Houda, despite her initial reservations about their age difference, warmed up to Mark’s humor, even introducing him to her family. However, a dinner date became the turning point for them. Upon learning that Mark had other prospective dates lined up, Houda gave him a stark choice: her or them. The ensuing conflict highlighted cultural differences and perceptions of dating. Mark’s attempt to salvage the situation came too late, with Houda deciding to step back.

Conclusion: What’s Next for Mark?

Mark’s Moroccan journey ended without the romantic conclusion he had hoped for. Reflecting on his last night in the country, he expressed his disappointment in leaving without having found love. However, despite the setbacks, Mark cherished the memories. Sharing a poignant moment from his last night on the show, Mark’s Instagram post read, “My last night on Match Me Abroad. Even though it ended badly, I had the best time of my life.” The journey, while not culminating in love, certainly added layers to his life’s experiences.


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