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A Graphic Look Inside Jeffrey Dresser Drawer: Know Every Details!

Did you catch the latest Netflix episode revolving around the legal dispute involving Jeffrey Dahmer’s parents over the handling of Dahmer’s postmortem brain? The Dahmer – Monster series, a crime fiction show on Netflix, has skyrocketed in popularity, making it to the platform’s top 10 list.

Many TV shows and movies draw their content from real-life events, creating relatable portrayals for audiences that often garner critical acclaim and fame. This article offers an insightful perspective into Jeffrey Dahmer’s case through an examination of Polaroid photos discovered in his dresser drawer.

Diving Deeper into the Subject

Reports suggest that police officer Rolf Mueller stumbled upon a horrifying discovery during an investigation of Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment on July 22, 1991. Among the evidence collected were 80 distressing photos of Dahmer’s victims.

Dahmer attempted to retrieve the photos from Rolf, but the officers overpowered him. The case has recently resurfaced following the release of the 10-episode Netflix series “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” on September 21, 2022.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s Dresser Drawer: A Gory and Heartrending Sight!

To prevent Dahmer’s belongings from ending up in the hands of serial killer enthusiasts, a Milwaukee civic group bought them at auction. This section delves further into the unsettling discoveries from Dahmer’s dresser drawer.

Digging Deeper into the Polaroid Photos from Jeffrey Dahmer

On July 19, 2018, investigators conducting a search of Dahmer’s bedroom came across a drawer containing various items, including a black ski mask, gloves, a box, and a handwritten note listing people’s names and addresses. Also found were pictures of underage boys, alongside preserved human skulls and body parts found in jars. Dahmer was eventually sentenced to life imprisonment.

Moreover, it was discovered that Dahmer used to lure victims by offering to pay for their photos. The comprehensive examination of Jeffrey Dahmer’s dresser drawer revealed that he would kill his victims once they entered his apartment and then take photos as a gruesome keepsake. He would take pictures at every stage of the killing process to relive the horrifying act through the photos.

How was Dahmer Arrested?

On July 22, 1991, Tracey Edwards managed to escape and contact police about Dahmer’s attempts at kidnap; using photographs as identification tools they identified several victims including Konerak Sinthasomphone who was 14 at the time.

It was later found that Konerak had also escaped from Dahmer and sought help, but Dahmer had misled the officers, claiming that Konerak was his intoxicated boyfriend. In 1992, Dahmer was convicted of multiple counts of murder and sentenced to prison.

Introducing Jeffrey Dahmer

Born May 21st 1960 in Milwaukee, United States, Jeffrey Dahmer became notoriously known as The Milwaukee Monster or Milwaukee Cannibal after being charged with 17 killings between 1978-1991. Diagnosed with various mental health disorders – such as Schizotypal Personality Disorder and Psychotic Disorder, as well as his first murder on the 17th May 1978.

Inspection of Jeffrey Dahmer’s dresser drawer revealed that he had killed 12 people in his apartment on North 25th Street. He killed the remaining three victims at his grandmother’s house. Dahmer’s life and criminal activities have been the subject of numerous books, films, and theater productions. However, his case has recently gained renewed attention due to the Netflix series and the TikTok polaroid challenge.

Inside Dahmer’s Dresser Drawer:

Investigators inspected a three-foot dresser with four drawers located in the living room; on top of which rested a television set.

Dahmer had stashed away the remains of his victims throughout his home, including in refrigerator and other pieces of furniture.

On July 22, 1991, Tracy Edwards, who had managed to escape from Dahmer’s house, was found running in the street, handcuffed. He led the police back to Dahmer’s residence, and upon searching the house, the officers made the grisly discovery.

The Final Days of Jeffrey Dahmer

After his sentencing, Dahmer was transferred to the Columbia Correctional Institution and placed in solitary confinement for his safety. However, his good behavior earned him regular duties. He requested a copy of the Bible from Detective Murphy, and by May 1994, he had been baptized.

On July 3, 1994, prison inmate Osvaldo Durruthy tried to harm Dahmer with a razor, resulting in severe injuries. Dahmer’s family remained in contact with him during this time to provide emotional support. On November 28, 1994 while unsupervised in a gym with inmates Christopher Scarver and Jesse Anderson, Dahmer was struck with a 20-inch metal bar by another inmate and suffered fatal wounds which necessitated surgery; unfortunately he died an hour after arriving at hospital.

Polaroid Photos from Jeffrey Dahmer’s Dresser Drawer:

When Milwaukee marshals Robert Rauth and Rolf Mueller were led by Tracy Edwards to Dahmer’s apartment, they discovered a long knife on Dahmer’s bed. Upon closer inspection, they found photographs of dead bodies in various poses in Dahmer’s dresser drawer. Dahmer attempted to retrieve the pictures, explaining that looking at these pictures gave him great pleasure.

A total of 74 pictures of deceased victims in various poses were discovered. Also found in the drawer was a mummified scalp. Dahmer’s confession to the police stated that he enjoyed the total control he had over the corpses as compared to a living person. The collection of pictures in Dahmer’s drawer revealed his gruesome fascination with torturing his victims, physically violating them, drugging them, strangling, dismembering body parts, and eventually murdering them.


This article has shed light on the shocking case of Jeffrey Dahmer, focusing on the revealing Polaroid photos found in his dresser drawer. It also discusses Dahmer’s life history, his criminal records, and the recent trend related to the case. Dahmer met his demise while serving his sentence, murdered by a fellow inmate.

This discussion is based on your opinion of the matter. Dahmer’s confession highlighted his psychogenic health issues. His fascination with control extended to his first four victims, including aspiring model Anthony Sears. It is clear that Dahmer’s interest in such gruesome acts had been present since he began his murderous spree.


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